Concrete Preparation Equipment onsite at the Sandgate Memorial Park

Trip hazards removed at Sandgate Memorial Park with Schwamborn DSM250

A project for the city Council, this concreting team was called on prior to Anzac Day to remove the high spots around all the pathways of the Sandgate Memorial Park.

As a part of an increase in public safety the high spots from around the park needed a fast, high speed machine for trip hazard removal, leaving a smooth finish ready to walk all over.

Schwamborn DSM250 had all the answers.

With it’s flexible coupling design the Grinder can easily be used in removal of high spots and imperfections in concrete. As it grinds (with the right selection of diamonds) the grinder will work the high spot down without creating a large scratch pattern or marking that will then need to be repaired.

The edging option for Grinding on the Schwamborn DSM250 is also a massive advantage meaning that it could be used to remove the high spots along the curbing on the pathways. When used on the Edging option the dust can also be controlled with the simple change of the dust shroud along the edge.


Schwamborn Concrete Grinders are designed, built and manufactured in Germany.

Powered by Generator

As no power was easily accessible in the open parkland, Gary and his Team setup with a Makinex 16 kVa Generator to power both the Grinder and Vacuum unit.

Alongside the removal process, dust control was essential to ensure no airborne dust was present and anyone using the parkland area would not be affected by this work in progress.




Dust Controlled in Trip Hazard Removal

With the use of the Schwamborn STS26 Twin Motor Dust Control Vacuum System the dust was easily controlled as the grinder worked. Running through a Dust Separator the dust was captured prior to going through the vacuum system.

Here’s to the success of another contractor making tough jobs easier for many years to come in the Council work he does.

Ready for Anzac Day, 24th April 2017 all the Trip Hazards were removed and the grounds cleared. Once again the Schwamborn system made it possible!



Let’s talk trip hazard removal,

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