The key to a successful CCS floor is preparation. Not just preparation of the concrete slab, but being prepared with the correct tools to make sure the job is done correctly. Hiring, and/or purchasing the right equipment and supplies and laying them out ready for use is essential and will save you panic and delays during installation. Such delays can be costly, especially when your working with products such as sealers that have a small window of workable time or pot life. Ensure that you prepare your product as close to the site as possible. Use a drop sheet to protect any pre-existing surfaces and keep the site as clean and tidy as possible at all times to avoid clutter.

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When leveling a concrete slab, or repairing, it’s critical that you are prepared with the correct tools and product to perform the job entirely from the outset. We’ve created this easy walk-through video guide to make the whole process easier and save hassle. Always hire or purchase all the right equipment before starting the job, and ensure they are laid out ready for use. This will save panic and delays when working with product that has limited working time. Always prepare the equipment prior to using to ensure it is easily cleaned afterwards. In the case of our portamix, we lubricated the bucket to avoid dry product sticking. This will help keep the equipment in good usable order for the next job. You can also use a drop sheet on surfaces that need protection that you won’t be working with, and ensure the area is free from clutter and other obstacles to ensure a quick and easy job.

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