In this day and age with technology, new changes in diamond and resin bond tooling attachments All Preparation Equipment works closely with key contractors, manufactures and suppliers to ensure cutting edge diamonds to bring the very best results with the Crete Colours chemical system. Grouts, Densifiers and Sealers play a large part of concrete floor polishing, but without the right, high quality resin bond polishing pad or puck – there’s no way of guaranteeing a stunning result, every time.

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It’s always good to know your customers are having success after spending 2 days of comprehensive training with them creating lasting impressions with a PYRAFLOOR Polished Concrete Floor. An intense, hands on 2 day training course helps give flooring contractors a head start into the right processes, diamond tooling, chemicals, industry education and expectations alongside an awesome networking opportunity in the Polished Concrete Flooring game.

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