At Pyrafloor, we’ve combined industry-leading chemicals, diamond tooling, and equipment to create an unrivalled polished concrete system. With a longer shine, easy maintenance, and full customization, Pyrafloor creates a stronger surface anywhere. From worn out concrete to a newly poured custom floor, Pyrafloor transforms your concrete into a beautifully polished surface that will stand the test of time.

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A Polished Concrete Floor in a Carpark

All available concrete hardeners and densifiers in today’s marketplace will provide, in general, three main benefits concrete surface hardening, concrete dust proofing and concrete floor sealing. Each of these are as a result of a chemical process or reaction that takes place between the actual silicate / silicanate, portland cement and the calcium hydroxide (free limes) in the concrete substrate. When this reaction takes place, crystals are formed that fill up any empty pores within the cream of the concrete resulting in the concrete to be hardened and densified floor surface.


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C2 Seal Concrete Penetrating Sealer on a Worksite

Polishing concrete floors is an art. It requires skill. It needs the right equipment, the right process and the right product to apply for an end result.

Crete Colours International has a complete chemicals system for polishing concrete like no other on the market. Read on to find out more on the impressive C2 Polishing systems’ range.

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