Portamix hippo mixing station in use repairing a jetty

Grout mixed with Portamix hippo mixer‘The Portamix Hippo mixer gave the grout a higher strength than what was expected – and as a result, gave us more work than we expected,’ said Ryan, the on-site Project Manager at the container wharfs.

Thanks to the Portamix Hippo mixer the product could be mixed faster, which gave the grout a higher strength, ready to pass Quality Assurance Testing.

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Hippo mixing station repair compound CBAt the Cbus 1 William Street project, 32 levels up, the Portamix Mega Hippo is hard at work! The Mega Hippo mixer is being used by the civil contractors to fill 300 x 300 recesses in the concrete floor perimeter. Each recess has a large plate bolted into it as part of the steel and aluminum facade.

Mixing bags of Renderoc HB (a Parchem Construction chemicals product), the Hippo mixer boasts a reputation as the fastest, easiest unit for mixing and achieving blend consistency.  Continue reading Portamix mixing station plays its part in iconic 1 William Street project