Concrete floor preparation uses three phase production to meet deadline

concrete floor preparation with a three phase concrete grinder With a short turnaround time of less than a day to prepare more than 500sqm of floor – including grinding off old glue from under the floor covering, removing concrete high spots and imperfections, and preparing for the arrival of floor layers the following day – single phase concrete grinders were simply not an option.

That’s when contractors called on All Preparation Equipment to source a floor grinder that was faster and easier to use, to ensure they completed the defit/make good construction project on time. 

Three phase concrete grinder gives the highest possible production

After the tiles were lifted and removed from the concrete, there was thick tile bedding, tile adhesive and concrete high spots needing to be ground down to make the floor level. All Preparation Equipment assisted by working out the hardness of the concrete, recommending accurate diamonds to ensure the right bond and grit of the diamond shoes, and giving our client the speed they needed to complete the project on schedule.

Have a large concrete floor preparation project, or is your deadline fast approaching with a concrete floor to grind or prepare? Contact the All Preparation Equipment team today or call 1800 422 992 for the expert advice you need to get the job done.

concrete floor preparation with a three phase concrete grinder

concrete floor preparation including removal of tile bedding concrete

concrete floor preparation with a three phase high speed grinder






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