Every construction site has dust. That’s why Portable Air cleaners or air purifiers. Dust Control Air Cleaners, make for cleaner air on construction sites. Alongside the trusty range of DustControl SE Vacuum Systems and Dust Extraction units, All Preparation Equipment stocks a range of Air cleaners and purfiiers.

Dust control is a big issue. It’s a growing issue, and it’s not going away. Indoors and outdoors, dust doesn’t get any better. Grinding, cutting, polishing, and demolition all creates some sort of dust that is actually harmful to you, your workers, and the environment around you.

Less dust – less damage – and lower cost. That’s what Corflute sheeting, the No. 1 Fluted Temporary Floor Protector gives!

The question is often asked, ”what I use to clean my polished concrete floor?” Everything needs maintenance. Carpets, vinyls, timber, tiles all have different methods and recommendations to clean – so does Polished Concrete.

Often during renovations or refurbishments existing floors need to be protected from dust, dirt and damage. In the Cannon Hill Anglican Colledge, Sports hall the rubber floor covering product required protection during a multi-function catering event.

All Preparation Equipment supplies leading concrete floor polisher with PORTABLE Generators to give higher PRODUCTION in concrete floor preparation and polishing jobs. Read on to see why Makinex 16kVa Generators were a winner!

PortaMix focuses on the needs of the contractor. Performance and efficiency for contractors are key drivers to our developments as these directly affect contractor well-being and profitability.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when preparing concrete floors for a new coating, courtesy of National Flooring Equipment.

After a grand entrance to Sydney, All Preparation Equipment has opened their new store at 30 James Street, Lidcombe NSW.

As a part of the growth in demand for polished concrete flooring in Australia, Pyrafloor Polished Concrete and All Preparation Equipment joined with Skudo Group to provide free educational seminars across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne last month.