Concrete naturally dusts and powders from efflorescence when it settles on finished goods, pallet racking, and produce. Crete Colors International has been working for over 10 years, manufacturing a high quality, fast reacting, effective solutions for concrete floors.

The following is an excerpt taken from the new version of the Dustcontrol Handbook on Dustcontrol Air Cleaners from Sweden.

Nowadays it’s pretty rare that people learn through text books. You’ll find training online, through videos, you tube and Facebook, face to face onsite with contractors or training academy’s, through a TAFE Skills Tech course or through a manufacture, supplier of equipment.

In 1972, Swedish company Dustcontrol AB began the production of a range of specialist dust extraction vacuums designed to capture dust at source and thereby protect construction workers from the health risks associated with dust. Since then Dustcontrol AB has developed an innovative range of high-quality dust extraction systems that have earnt a worldwide reputation […]

Getting a perfect polish, starts before you actually arrive on site. Concrete finishing and placement can play a big role in a lot of defects in the final polish. These defects or imperfections are usually brought back on the polisher as something they haven’t done right.

Shotblasting is one of the common methods used, as a more aggressive profile and texture than concrete floor grinding and has been around for the past 100 years. Blastrac being the inventor of the first ever mobile shot blasting machine in the early 80’s now continues striving to build and manufacture effective profiling machines in […]

Dust extractors are used to improve the working environment, and to reduce levels of hazardous dust in the air to a minimum. This places great demands on the ability of the dust extractor to separate fine dust. We use a fine filter in our mobile dust extractors, which separates most of the dust. But in order […]

Finished Concrete Floors contain reactive sites where calcium hydroxide has been exposed even after the initial finishing. Calcium hydroxide is produced during the concrete hydration process and migrates to the surface of the slab throughout its life.

Removing dust from the workplace is not just a working environment and health issue, it is also a business issue. The cleaner the working environment, the better the end result. Dustcontrol calls it Healthy Business.

It’s always good to know your customers are having success after spending 2 days of comprehensive training with them creating lasting impressions with a PYRAFLOOR Polished Concrete Floor. An intense, hands on 2 day training course helps give flooring contractors a head start into the right processes, diamond tooling, chemicals, industry education and expectations alongside […]