A reliable concrete scabbler is part of any floor specialist’s toolkit, so it’s important to have one that you can always count on for concrete repairs or surface removal jobs.

At All Preparation Equipment, you’ll find a concrete scabbler for almost any type of scabbling work. Whether you’re looking for a hand scabbler for light surface removal or a stand up scabbler for heavy duty work, we have a scabbling machine that can get the job done. We also stock scabbler accessories to upgrade your set-up and make it perform even better than it already does.

Browse our range of concrete scabblers today to find the right machine for the job. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us to find out more.

A Scabbler for Different Jobs

Scabblers are versatile machines that you can use for a variety of concrete work and floor preparation jobs including:

  • Removal of road and line markings
  • Removal of trip hazards in floors or footpaths
  • Removal of paints, adhesives, latex screeds, and coats
  • Surface preparation – before the application of coating, grout, and other materials
  • Creating decorative and textured patterns
  • Creating anti-slip properties to floors and surfaces
  • Smoothening uneven driveways and surfaces

Handheld Scabbler

A handheld scabbler is one of the most useful scabblers for any floor specialist, providing superior mobility and precision to help you create fine and detailed finishes. It offers more control and accuracy than a stand up scabbler, allowing you to move in and out of surfaces with greater ease. Its handheld design also makes it easy to transport to and from worksites, letting you do touch-ups and light remedial work quickly.

  • Scabbler Triple Head Handle – A triple-head handheld scabbler with a back handle for greater control and stability. This multi-head scabbler features 3 TCT heads and 2400 BPM of power. Although this scabbler is lightweight, it offers superior durability and ruggedness, making it ideal for demanding projects and high-intensity scabbling. It’s also designed with low vibration features, which protects the operator and helps prevent injuries.
  • Scabbler Single Head – A low-vibration single head scabbler that’s perfect for work on small areas like concrete joints and walls. This unit is also great for roughening concrete surfaces, stone, decorative panels, and exposed aggregate. With its compact size and hand-held design, this single head scabbler also performs extremely well in confined spaces.
  • Scabbler 9-point Single Head – A 9-point single-head scabbler ideal for smaller areas and finer repair work. This is especially great for removing concrete in between reinforcing bars.
  • Needle Gun – A pistol grip needle gun that offers 2200 BPM of power for quick and easy work on concrete surfaces. This handy scabbling machine is best suited for the removal of materials like rust, paint, concrete render, and scale in small areas or confined spaces.
  • Vacuum Shroud for Needle Gun – A steel shroud for needle guns that replaces the standard guard in needle guns. This special shroud helps control dust and debris when scabbling. It also includes rubber catchment ends for better functionality.

Stand Up Scabbler

If you’re looking for a scabbler for heavy duty scabbling, then a stand up scabbler is what you need. At All Preparation Equipment, we stock stand up scabbler units that have proven to perform exceptionally even in the most demanding worksites.

  • Trelawny Multi-head Scabbler – The Trelawny MHS11 multi-headed Concrete Floor Scabbler is an 11-head scabbler that provides the high-powered scabbling you need for the toughest surfaces. This multi-head scabbler is perfect for breaking up tough floor coatings and creating bond profiles for levelling, waterproofing, or coating applications. This unit also features a 2200 BPM capacity and a special vibration reduction system that helps protect the operator from injuries.

Scabbler Accessories

Upgrade your system or improve its performance with our range of scabbler accessories that can help you make your scabbling machine work even better.

  • Air Hose – A high-quality reliable air hose designed for use with vibrating machines and units that face constant shock.
  • Inline Oiler – A reliable inline that you can use in scabblers and long reach scrapers. This also comes with a hose connection.

Get the Right Scabbler for the Job

If you’re looking for a scabbler that you can trust to always get the job done, then All Preparation Equipment has what you need.

We stock some of the best and most highly regarded scabbling machines on the market today so you get the right tool to do your job faster and easier than ever. Whether you’re looking for a handheld scabbler or a heavy-duty stand up scabbler, we’ll equip you with the right scabbler to get the job done.

Explore our range of concrete scabbler units and scabbler accessories to find the perfect tools for your project. If you have any questions or need help finding the right scabbling, please call us on 1800 422 992 to talk to one of our product specialists.