Concrete Scarifier

Break down concrete and remove concrete coatings quickly by using a high-powered concrete scarifier.

At All Preparation Equipment, you’ll find a range of tough scarifiers that you can use for a variety of concrete floor preparation tasks. Whether you’re removing line markings or grinding footpath trip hazards, we’ll have a concrete scarifier that can help you do it easily.

We stock scarifiers that are renowned for their power and performance, making them excellent tools for both personal projects and professional hires. Browse our range of concrete scarifiers today to find the right floor scarifier for the job. If you need more information about our machines, please contact us.

Scarifier Machines

We supply a variety of concrete scarifiers that you can use for different types of concrete work and road jobs:

  • EDCO CPM8 415v Electric 5HP – Features a quick-change drum design that lets you switch cutters between jobs easily. You can also equip this scarifier with different cutters and accessories, depending on the finish you need for the job.
  • EDCO Lite 200mm 240V CPL8 – Ideal for adding texture to slippery surfaces, removing surface markings, or removing light coatings.
  • EDCO CPM10 Elec Scarifier 7.5P – This heavy-duty, electric-powered scarifier is ideal for removing tough coatings, road marks, and sidewalk trip hazards. It’s also widely used for adding texturing surfaces and a variety of grooving applications.
  • EDCO CPM10 Petrol Scarifier – The petrol version of the CPM10 features twice the horsepower of the electric version. This machine is perfect for repairing sidewalk trip hazards, removing coatings and line markings, and roughening concrete surfaces.
  • Traffic Line Remover – A tough, heavy-duty traffic line remover that features 48 segment cutters for maximum efficiency.

Accessories for Scarifiers

Aside from scarifier machines, we also supply scarifier accessories that you can use to fine-tune or upgrade your scarifier:

  • Segment Cutter – A set of 24-segment cutters for use with traffic line removers.
  • Flails – Choose from 8-point and 6-point flails that are designed for different levels of removal. We even have a specially designed milling flail for removing road lines and coatings.
  • Spacer – Hi-tensile spacers designed for EDCO scarifiers.
  • Drum Rods – Specially designed drum rods for different EDCO scarifiers.
  • Carbide Spindle – A 6-shaft carbine spindle assembly for handheld electric scarifiers.

What to Consider When Choosing Scarifiers

Not all jobs require the same concrete scarifier, so it’s important to choose the right machine for your job. If you’re looking for a scarifier for your next project, you should always consider the following:

  1. Power Source. Electricity and petrol are two of the most common power sources that scarifiers use. Although many scarifiers are electric-powered, many of the toughest and most aggressive scarifiers use petrol. Petrol-powered scarifiers often produce more horsepower than electric units, making them the go-to choice for demanding projects and road work.
  1. Most scarifiers have drums with cutters that you can customise to match the requirements of your job. Some machines are built to accommodate different attachments, while others are designed to be fitted with special types of cutters. The type and number of cutters you use will also affect the finish that your scarifier will produce. Choose the machine with an attachment system that will work best for your project and budget.
  1. Machine Weight. Scarifiers come in all weights and sizes, both of which will affect their performance. Lighter machines will be easier to manoeuvre around your worksite, but heavier machines will be more stable and have fewer machine jumps. Keep your machine’s weight in mind to maximise performance and efficiency.

If you need help deciding what scarifier to use for your job, simply call us on 1800 422 992 to get expert advice and recommendations. We know what each model is capable of, and we can help you find the best scarifier that you can get for your money.

Get the Right Concrete Scarifier for the Job

Whether you need to level out, texture or roughen concrete floors, we have a concrete scarifier that can help you do the job quickly. We have a floor scarifier for all types of scarifying work, so let us help you find the right machine for your needs.

We only stock scarifiers that are among the best in the industry, so you can always expect high-quality machines from us no matter which model you get. And if you’re looking to customise your machine, we have several concrete scarifier cutters and accessories to help you get the finish you’re looking for.

Explore our range of scarifiers to find the right machine for your job. If you have any questions about these products, feel free to send us a message.