Dust control is an important part of any work site or construction area. If you want to keep concrete dust and construction site debris under control, then it’s important you make an investment that will help you be more effective in the dust control process. Dust control equipment and extraction systems are essential to ensure minimal clean-up time in practically any construction job, from concrete floor grinding, polishing, and levelling to remedial waterproofing, membrane removal, floor stripping, and interior demolition.

At All Preparation Equipment, we work with trusted manufactures of dust extraction and control systems to come up with the most trusted tools for the trade. Many of these vacuum and dust extraction systems are used by top industry floor preparers, concrete floor polishers, and construction companies around the world. Contact our team at All Preparation Equipment today to find out how you can capture more of your dust on site and save time and money in clean-ups. It’s all simple!



Whether you’re doing routine clean-ups after a job, controlling airborne dust while grinding and polishing, or removing hazardous asbestos materials from your jobsite, you need a powerful and reliable vacuum system to do it quickly and effectively. Single and three-phase dust extractors are available to control your dust on commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

The size and capacity you need will depend on the size of your grinding machine and the demands of your project. We’ll do the research for you and source the most effective, most efficient, and most powerful vacuums on the market for your needs.

These vacuums are built for heavy-duty use, providing the powerful suction systems, high performance, and rugged designs that the toughest worksites require. Our collection of vacuums includes units from some of the industry’s leading brands and most recognised names:

  • Schwamborn Vacuums
  • Pullman Ermator Vacuums
  • Nilfisk Alto Attix Vacuums
  • Nilfisk IVB Series Vacuums
  • Dustcontrol SE Dust Extractors
  • Metabo Vacuums
  • Starmix Vacuums
  • Alto Attix
  • Dustcontrol
  • Metabo Single-phase Vacuum
  • Tromb Vacuum System

Many of these vacuum systems can be connected and used with leading brands of concrete grinders like the Schwamborn grinding and polishing system. Other brands these vacuums can connect to are the Floorex Meteor 250mm grinder and Satellite 480mm Concrete floor grinders, Husqvarna, HTC, Flextool cub grinder, and many other systems.

Want to discuss the demands of your current system? Talk to us by calling 1800 422 992. As specialists in concrete floor preparation, it’s our job to help you get your projects completed on time and without defects so you can get it right the first time!


Vacuum Dust Separators

Dust separators ensure optimum performance when grinding by capturing the bulk of concrete dust before it gets through to your vacuum. With no motors or moving parts, vacuum dust separators collect heavy particles like dust, debris, and dirt from a jobsite. In the case of concrete floor grinding, they capture the glues, adhesives, membranes, coatings, or product that is being removed.

Vacuum Dust Separators help to ensure your vacuum filters have the longest possible life, which means they can continue to vacuum the dust, clean their filters, and maintain a consistent suction. This prevents any downtime or breakdowns caused by clogging and being bogged down.

At All Preparation Equipment, we supply units from some of the leading manufacturers of dust separators today:

  • Dustcontrol SE Vacuum Dust Separator
  • Pullman Vacuum Dust Separator
  • Schwamborn Vacuum Dust Separator
  • Slimline Dust Separator

Aside from these top brands, we also supply our own line of dust separators, which we’ve designed to improve the suction in your vacuum system and extend the life of your filters. It’s all about helping you work smarter – not harder – and getting the most out of your investment.