Floor Stripping Machines

Whether your job involves removing tiles, carpets, vinyl or lino, our collection of floor lifters, machines and blades will help you complete it faster and easier.

Take the load off your back with the extra power and grunt provided by our innovative floor stripping machines and floor lifters. From simple floor lifters like the Razorback150 Extreme floor stripper (for small to medium floor removal) to heavy-duty walk-behind floor strippers such as the National Flooring Equipment Panther floor stripper, our floor lifting machines will take care of any floor removal job for you.

We also have a wide range of blades and floor stripping accessories that can help you do your work more efficiently, making life on site easier than ever.

Browse through our collection of floor stripping machines and accessories to find the perfect tool for your job today. If you need more information about the right machine for your job or what model best fits your budget, simply contact us by calling 1800 422 992 to talk to one of our product specialists. We’ll give you all the information you need to equip yourself with the floor stripper you’ve always wanted.

Floor Stripper Machines that Make Floor Removal Easy.

Floor lifting is a tough job – but with the right tools, blades and scrapers, it’ll be easier than ever. At All Preparation Equipment, we’ve collected some of the highest quality floor strippers that the flooring industry has to offer. This way, you won’t have to waste time going through alternative models that simply aren’t worth your time or money. With All Preparation Equipment, you can be sure that every floor stripper you get is:

  • Simple to Use – Each floor lifting machine is designed with the user in mind, making it easy to learn and use on your work site sooner. With simple controls, functions and settings each floor stripping machine means you can lift off old floor coverings in no time.
  • Easy to Transport – We understand that floor stripping equipment needs to be frequently transported between work sites along with around the jobsite which is why even our most heavy-duty floor stripper machines are designed to fit in the back of your car or van easily. With our machines, you won’t have any trouble at all moving them from one site to another. Simply fit it in your vehicle, bring it down to the new site and get to work!
  • Tough and Long-lasting – Floor stripping requires machines that are stronger and tougher than the hard, stubborn floors they’re removing. And that durability is exactly what every floor stripper machine in our collection is known for. We’ve assembled some of the toughest and most hard-wearing machines in the industry so you’ll never have to worry about how your machines are holding up when doing your job.
  • Versatile – Our floor strippers can be used by all types of workers and contractors, making them extremely handy machines for almost any type of floor preparation and prep work. From demolition contractors and asbestos removalists to floor layers and carpet layers, our floor stripping machines can help you remove floors more easily no matter your line of work.
  • Brands you can trust. We stand behind tough, quality tools that last the test of time. From the American built – rental tough National Flooring Equipment machines to the German built and engineered ROLL Gmbh Self-propelled and Ride on floor lifters the larger floor lifters are covered. Smaller machines including the Razorback Extreme push along floor lifter smaller floor removal jobs including with carpets, vinyls or timber.

A Floor Stripper for Every Job

From simple and straightforward floor strippers to large, full-featured floor lifters, we offer a full range of floor stripper machines that’ll give you the power and performance you’re looking for. Whether you’re working on delicate floor coverings or removing tough and stubborn floors, you’ll find the right floor stripper for the job at All Preparation Equipment.

When it comes to floor preparation, National has long been one of the top names in the industry. Combining high-level functionality with durability designed for the toughest work sites, National’s range of floor lifters are simply some of the best in the market today. At All Preparation Equipment, we bring together some of National’s best-rated products so you’ll always get a high-quality floor stripper machine no matter which model you choose:

National Ride on Floor lifters – 5200 , 5700 , 7700

Save time and effort by driving your floor lifter through the floor coverings you want to remove. The American built National Floor lifters ride on machines perfect for removing ceramic tiles, granite, PVC Floor covering, rubber flooring, carpets, vinyls, timber and parquetry flooring.

  • Comfortable Seat Design – allows you to work either sitting down or standing up
  • Striking Mechanism – The blade holder tool is powered by a 1.1 kW motor that runs at 1000 beats per minute. It also features a second hoist motor that presses the tool onto the floor and adjusts the working angle of the blade.
  • Easy operation Joystick – for easier operation and manoeuvring
  • Easy blade adjustment – with a simple blade angle adjustment the blade height can be raised and lowered according to the floor you are removing. Depending on the blade, chisel or attachment you have on it.

Self Propelled Floor Lifter –

National Equipment 5280, 6280, 6280 Commander – ROLL Ro2 Self-propelled track mounted.

The Roll R02 Self-propelled Floor Lifter provides fastest possible speed in the single phase self propelled floor lifters with a direct drive. With the German Built Self-propelled floor lifter it’s features include,

  • Innovative Drive Technology – features traction plated wheels to prevent slippage during removals and provide 10x more surface contact than other machines of the same size
  • Easy Operation – features a simple joystick control and multiple hand positions for easier us
  • Movable Tool Axis – for easy adjustments on different floor types
  • Quick Blade Change – blades are designed to be changed and replaced quickly and easily
  • Adjustable Blade Angle – three adjustable blade levels to suit different lifting activities, from skimming top surfaces to complete floor removals

Natoinal Flooring Equipment stripping machines have similar features and boast high productivity also.

Razorback Extreme Floor Lifter

The Razorback Extreme Floor Lifter is ruggedly built and designed to remove the most stubborn floors and floor coverings. This is the ideal machine for lifting some of the hardest floors today including glued down floors, commercial vinyl and carpets, VCT’s, rubber tiles, sheet rubber, sports surfaces and membrane.

  • High Speed 3/4 HP – for powering through the tough, hard-to-remove floor coverings
  • User-friendly design – features an ergonomic design and foldable handle for easier use and transport
  • Wheel scraper – helps keep wheels free from rubbish and debris
  • Simple hand controls – for easier handling and manoeuvring
  • Blade versatility – capable of using a wide range of blades depending on what you need

Jack Hammer Floor Removal Package

Our Jack Hammer Floor Removal Package combines a floor skimmer head, shank, chisel, and trolley to give you a complete floor lifting system for quick floor removals. This is ideal for removing tiles, vinyl, cork, tile beds, parquetry, glue and waterproof membranes.

You can also purchase the following parts separately to upgrade your system however you like:

  • Universal Jackhammer Trolley
  • Floor Skimmer Heads
  • Tapered Shanks
  • Chisels of different sizes
  • Replacement Blades

Handheld Scrapers

For areas that require more delicate lifting and floor removals, handheld scrapers make the perfect tools. These are ideal for finishing touches and touch-ups of more fragile areas, allowing you to make finer and more accurate modifications to your flooring.

  • 100mm Scrapers & Blades
  • 150mm Scrapers & Blades
  • 175mm Scrapers & Blades
  • 200mm Scrapers & Blades
  • 450mm Scrapers & Blades

Pneumatic Scrapers

If you’re looking to add some pneumatic scrapers to your arsenal of floor scrapers, we have a variety of units available that can boost your collection. Our line of pneumatic scrapers includes:

  • Long Reach Scraper 4 ft. (Aluminium)
  • Long Reach Scraper 5 ft. (Aluminium)
  • Long Reach Scraper 5 ft. (Steel)
  • Lil-Ripper Extendable Carpet Cutter
  • FlexiSpray – Carpet Tile Tackifier

We also offer several accessories and attachments designed specifically for these tools, allowing you to customise them as much as you want for your next job.

Blades & Attachments

No matter how durable a floor stripper machine is, its blades are bound to give out after plenty of heavy use. If you’re looking for high-quality blades for your floor stripper or floor scraper, we have a wide range of blades and attachments that will give you the strength and performance you need. Some of these blades are also designed for particular floor coverings, allowing you to remove them more quickly and easily.

Some of our blades include:

  • Scoring Blades
  • Straight Blades
  • Scraper Blades
  • Shank Blades
  • Temp Blades
  • Tapered Shanks
  • Steel Chisels
  • Many more

The Best Floor Strippers for Making Tough Jobs Easy

If you’re looking for a floor stripper that can make your life on site much easier, you’ll find it here at All Preparation Equipment. We’ve collected some of the best floor strippers available in the market today so you won’t have to wade through bad choices. Whatever machine you choose from All Preparation Equipment, you can be sure it’ll always be worth your time and money.

Here at All Preparation Equipment, we’re all about making sure you have the right tools for the job. If you need expert advice on which models and accessories would be best for your budget and needs, feel free to contact our team by calling 1800 422 992. We’ll be more than happy to help you in any way we can.