Upgrade your concrete grinders with our range of grinder parts and accessories. We have parts that can improve your grinder’s performance, extend its life or make it easier and more convenient to use. Whether you want to upgrade your concrete grinding machine or find replacements for broken parts, you’ll find all the parts and accessories you’ll need here to get the setup you want.

Grinder Parts

Tweak your concrete grinder and improve its performance by changing some of its parts and components. We have a variety of grinder parts that can help you get the right setup for your concrete grinders and project requirements:

  • EXT Carrier – an EXT carrier plate with 6 grooves for Schwamborn DSM250 concrete grinders
  • Line Removal Plate – a specially designed line removal plate that comes with a 240mm plate bolted in
  • Tool Carrier – a standard tool carrier that can be used with different kinds of plates
  • Magnetic Plugs – a non-tapered magnetic plug that comes with a built-in button

Other Accessories

Aside from grinder parts and components, we also offer plenty of accessories that can help you customise your concrete grinders and improve their handling or performance:

  • Saddle Weights – swinging saddle weights for the Schwamborn DSM800S concrete grinder. Saddle weights for Schwamborn 650S concrete grinders are also available.
  • Paddle Extensions – 150mm extensions that you can use to extend the length of 600mm paddles
  • Electronic Switches – electronic switches from Lafert that are suitable for Meteor 250 concrete grinders
  • Adjustable Stool – adjustable stool that lets you change the height to suit your build and working preferences
  • Wrenches – 2-pin wrenches for angle grinders
  • Motor cooling fan – a cooling fan made by Lafert that’s suitable for the Meteor 250 Floor Grinder

Parts for Upgrading Your Concrete Grinding Machines

Whether you’re replacing old parts in your concrete grinders or making modifications for special projects, we’ll have the upgrades you need to help you do your job better.

We have standard parts that you can use for a variety of concrete grinding machines, giving you simple yet effective upgrades for your grinding equipment. We also have special parts and components that are designed for specific models, providing customisations and enhancements that can help you complete your project faster.

Browse our collection of grinder parts today to find the right upgrades for your concrete grinding machines. If you’re looking for specific parts and components, please call us on 1800 422 992 or get in touch with our team for more information.

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