Concrete floor polishing is growing in demand and being used to replace carpets, vinyl, timber and tiled floor coverings.

Schwamborn Concrete floor grinding systems have been designed to perfect any concrete floor to a cut and coat or professional concrete polished finish. The Schwamborn Polishing system alongside reducing maintenance and cleaning costs, polished concrete flooring reforms any concrete floor into a magnificent masterpiece and increases abrasion and strength of the floor.

Transform the old to new. Using Diamond grinding shoes, and mechanically polishing the floor with Resin bond / impregnated diamonds any concrete floor surface can be given a completely new look. Polished concrete floors have been come one of the most popular flooring types for commercial, industrial and residential concrete floor areas. Being an economical solution, versatile, durable and sustainable, low maintenance, eco-friendly and effective they create the look in any area.

From a smooth shiny polished concrete floor to a rough rustic warehouse floor anything is possible with Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinders. Talk to our team today on 1800 442 992 to discuss your next concrete floor polishing project or take a look at our BLOG for floors polished with Schwamborn.