Self Adhesive Film

Self adhesive film is one of the simplest and most convenient floor protection products for keeping your floors clean.

These products are ideal floor protectors for floors, carpets and soft surfaces, providing strong barriers against dust and grime. It’s also water resistant, which can help keep your carpets and surfaces dry during any construction or refurbishment projects, protecting them from water, liquids and dust.

Perfect for construction or refurbishments in finished spaces and private properties, it even makes for excellent floor protectors in high-traffic areas or busy walkways.

Best of all, self adhesive film is incredibly easy to install and remove, letting you cover an entire room in minutes. Once you’re done, simply peel or roll them off. The result? Floors that are as clean and functional as when you started your work.

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Floor Protection Solutions

We offer the following products for the application of self adhesive film in your property or worksite:

  • Self Adhesive Film Carpet – Film designed primarily for use on carpets and soft surfaces. These films feature high-tack adhesion to ensure they stay on your carpet with no taping required.
  • Self Adhesive Film Hard Floor – Films designed primarily for hard floors and solid surfaces. It features medium tack adhesion and an industrial, heavy-duty material that makes it more resistant to punctures and tears.
  • Self Adhesive Film Applicator – A specially designed film roller that makes applying adhesive film easier and faster. These tools also help you create smoother and more professional looking coverings, giving your space a more organised and polished look.

Why Use Self Adhesive Film?

Self Adhesive Film is one of the most useful and practical floor protectors for temporary surface protection. Here’s why:

  • Speed – These films can be rolled on and off easily, allowing you to cover a wide area much quicker. This means less time spent protecting floors and more time for doing your work.
  • Easy maintenance – Peel it off whenever it gets too dirty and apply a new layer whenever you need it.
  • Versatile – Aside from carpets and floors, you can also use this on surfaces like skirtings and columns. You can even use it as a self adhesive window film for protecting windows and glass surfaces.
  • No residue – When correctly applied, our self adhesive film ensures that dirt and debris stay on the film and not on your protected surface. This makes clean-ups faster and easier.
  • No taping required – Forget taping down film or applying additional fixings to secure it to the surface. Its strong adhesive properties mean you won’t need tape or glue to keep your film in place.

Temporary Surface Protection for Floors and Carpets

Whether you’re working on a construction project or keeping your area as clean as possible, Self Adhesive Film will help protect your floors and maintain its condition.

At All Preparation Equipment, we offer adhesive film for both soft and hard surfaces. This lets you create partial or complete protection in your worksite – whatever your job requires. If you need more information about our Self Adhesive Film and how to use it, please call us on 1800 422 992 or send us a message.