Plastic Backed Zec Carborudum Wheel - All Preparation Equipment

100mm 16 Plastic back Zec Disc

$9.90 EX GST

Size 100 x 16mm centre – Grade PC16 (grit) Plastic backed Zec Discs. NOTE : these disc do not need a backing support – fast change and longer lasting.

  • ZEC ABRASIVE DISCS are designed to fit directly onto an angle grinder or hand grinding machine.
    Very high grinding speed in comparision to a diamond grinding wheel and will lfinish the work piece due to it’s flexiblity. ZEC Discs are designed to be flexible and gain this during it’s working life, meaning less vibration to the user then standard diamond grinding wheels.

    Air holes or pockets around the edge of the Zec disc help to ensure the ZEC wheel can stay cool and avoid loading the disc.

    These ZEC Plastic discs are waterproof and can be used under water


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 11 x 11 x 2 cm


Dimeters (mm) 100 x 16
Dimetres (inches) 4 x 58
Max Speed RPM 13.300
Max Peripheric Speed 80 met./sec.
Grits 10 – 120