Bush Hammer Diamond plug

$249.00 EX GST

Bush Hammer Diamond grinding plug – suits Satellite 480 Floor Grinder

  • Bushammer Diamond Grinding Plug

    Fast, high speed, agressive grniding / shotblasted / scabbling effect these Bushammer plugs leave a shotblasted type of concrete finish on concrete floor surfaces.

    Great for use on traffic line removal including thermoplastics or membrane coatings. Also a great way to break up old or failed epoxy concrete floor coatings in preparation to reapply a new coating.

  • Grinds medium – to – hard concrete floors and even some burnished, trowelled or helicoptered concrete floor or slab surfaces.

  • Suits Satellite 480,  550, 600, 650 and 760 Concrete Floor Grinders also Terrco Grinding machines.

Weight 2.5 kg