The C2 Heat Pad

C2 Heat Pad 21” / 535mm

$89.18 EX GST

C2 Heat Pad 21” / 535mm

The C2 Seal TM microfilm is melded into the concrete floor through 33ºC* of heat from friction, producing gloss and durability beyond compare. The C2 Heat™ HighPerformance Burnishing Pad gives you 33ºC* faster and longer than ordinary pads.

SKU: C2HT-21
  • • Embedded membrane stops heat from rising and bounces it back into the floor

    • Double-sided for double service life

    • All-natural fibers glued together with non-transferring resin

    • No resin trails will be left on a concrete surface

    • Designed to burnish C2 Seal™ but can be also used for polishing and maintenance

    • Available for immediate delivery in the following sizes 27 inch, 24 inch, 20 inch and 7.5 inch

    • Available by special order in additional 17 specialty sizes From 9 inch to 28 inch

    • Cost efficient through increased usage life


    Download C2 Heat Pad brochure – for application of C2 Seal. 

C2 Heat Pad – 21inch