Dust Control DC5900 9kw Three Phase Vacuum

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Dust Control DC5900L 9kw PTFE Filter Version, Three Phase Vacuum – Longopac Dust Bag (Inc hose, tool and wand kit) 9kW, 400V, 50Hz

SKU: VAC-DC5900/9-119333
  • This 9kW Dust Control Three phase vacuum setup is a machine primarily intended to be used in the heavy material removal, used in conjunction with a Supa pre-separator.

    The extra-large capacity and suction can also be utilised for regular source extraction and clenaing in situations where extra long hoses up to 50m are required.

    To prevent overheating during intensive use, the pump has been equipped with a cold air intake.

    The reverse pulse filter cleaning system provides extra-long filter life and ensures no loss of suction.


Technical Specs

DC5900 Dust Control 9kW Vacuum System

H x W x D  194 x 78 x 116

Weight  200kg

Collection – Longopac Bag / Container

Flow at Open Inlet 500m3/h

Negative Pressure 40kPa

Power Consumption 9.2kW / 15 hp

Sound Level 75 dB (A)

About DustControl

From engineering, design to testing alongside a range of concrete floor preparation machines the DC5900L , 9kW PTFE Vacuum system is one powerful vacuum cleaner.

Connected to any concrete floor preparation machine, three phase the vacuum is capable of controlling the largest volumes of concrete dust during grinding and polishing.

Equipped with a pleated PTFE filter cartridge (Teflon) with a large filter area to maximise Airflow. The PTFE material reduces the tendency of the fine dust to adhere to the filter. As a result, it allows continuous operation of today’s highly efficient concrete floor grinders. Floor grinding is definitely one of the toughest applications for a construction dust extractor. This means that high demands are made on the filters and the equipment used to collect the dust.

The DC 5900L PTFE provides optimal performance with concrete grinding discs of up to 40”/1000 mm. The DC 5900L PTFE is equipped with longopac plastic sacks. Dustcontrol strongly recommends the use of a pre-separator for maximum efficiency in floor grinding applications.


Why DustControl ?

Filter Cleaning

Filter Cleaning

Dust can be come a nightmare anywhere – let alone when it’s harsh , concrete dust as you know. That’s why the powerful DustControl extraction systems have been desiged, with a three stage filtration principle for the best possible cleaning function. Firstly the cyclonic principle in the cyclone that takes care of the larger dust particles.

After this the M Classed fine filter , filtrates up to 99.9% of all dust down to 1 micro meter.

Following thorugh to the H13 HEPA filter, filtrates 99.995% of even the finest dust down to 0,1 micro filter.


Each of the mobile vacuum cleaners are designed and engineered to fulfil the highest Class H category. Built to a standard , specicially to withstand some of the toughest concrete dust and construction applications.

Canister Capacity,

Starting from the smallest of through to the most powerful in three phase the Capacity of the Dust Control vacuum systems is endless through the LongoPac Bag system. Once the bag is full, it is zip tied up and thrown away.

Longopac System

Vacuum comes with a complete floor tool accessories kit

Vacuum Accessory