ShoeIn Flexible spiked shoes

Medium Flexible Spiked Shoes

$144.00 $135.00 EX GST

MEDIUM Flexible Spiked Shoes (Approx size 9 & under)

  • No more frustration with straps, buckles, and adjustments. Just step right in to Shoe-In Spikes and get to work. Immediately after putting Shoe-In Spikes on your feet, you’ll notice you have increased stability and added flexibility when you do need to bend over or kneel down. Applying epoxy floor coatings with spiked shoes has never been easier. You’ll love Shoe-In Spikes and toss away those old plastic spikes of yesteryear.



    Shoe-In Spiked shoes currently come in 3 sizes at this time to fit all your spiked shoes needs for applying epoxy and decorative coatings. These shoes sizes are based on the US Mens size foot chart. Shoe-In Spikes sizes are based on work boot sizes.  If you are wearing an athletic shoe for your installations you may need to adjust your sizings accordingly as they tend to be smaller and less bulky.

    MEDIUM FITS (SIZE 9 & UNDER) Buy now
    LARGE FITS (SIZE 9 – 11) Buy now
    XTRA LARGE FITS (SIZE 11 – 16) Buy now

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