5280 Self propelled floor lifter

National 5280 Floor Stripper

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National 5280 Floor Stripper – Introduction/beginner self-propelled walk behind. Features forward drive only. Soft good removal only. Carpet, VCT, LVT, Vinyl and linoleum.

SKU: FS-M-5280
  • Make your floor removal projects easier. Walk behind the National Flooring Equipment’s 5280 Self Propelled floor lifter that runs on a hydraulic drive.

    The floor stripper drives forward removing the worst of today’s soft goods including glued-downed vinyls and carpet, tacky commercial floor coverings, VCT, Sheet vinyl, rubber tile, linoleum, indoor and outdoor sport surfaces, roofing material, and more.

  • The ergonomic features of this machine reduce operator fatigue while optimizing time and labor savings. The compact design makes it ideal for use in tight spaces.


    Floor lifting easy task. With the National 5280 Self Propelled machine it’s faster, easier and smarter. With variable speed, a removable saddle weight helps to increase or decrease pressure and traction.


    Oscillating head rotates the cutting blade to cut through a range of materials over various substrates and extends the life cycle of machine while reducing maintenance cost.

  • Blades play the largest part of the sucess in the SPEED of removal of your floors.

    The style of blade makes a difference in how quickly the floor covering will remove. On concrete subfloors removing vinyls, carpets or lino bevelled up blades work best and don’t often require extra weight on the machine to help it remove.
    When using a regular flat blade, bending up the corner of the blade will prevent it from digging into the subfloor. The blade holder height and angle can be adjusted to a 45 degree angle to the floorboards to ensure no damage.


    Floor lifting machines with a changeable cutting head are designed to swivel to keep the blade in direct contact with the floor. A combination of the right cutting head, size of blade, the blade angle and weight of the machine helps to ensure the fastest and easiest removal process possible. Thickness of the blade, the width, sharpness and angle also play a role in this.

Weight 100 kg


Watch the National 5280 Self Propelled Floor lifter in action here,


Technical Specs

Width     43cm

Height     99 cm

Length    69cm

Weight    119kg

Front Weight   16.8kg Front / 22.2kg Saddle

Weight Machine only  80.3kg

Speed                3.7 – 15.2 m/min

RPM                  1425

Voltage              230 V

Frequency        50Hz

HP                     .746 kW

Amps – Full Load   6.7


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5280 National Floor Lifter – Self Propelled

5280 Self propelled floor lifter national vinyl carpet removal