Sticky Mat 913mm x 1130mm

$37.00 EX GST

Sticky Mat 913mm x 1130mm 30 sheets per mat

  • The Sticky Mat – also known as a contaimination mat, is a hassle free way of collecting dust and dry debris before walked or wheeled through to an y clean area. Each mat consists of 30 polyethylene sheets which are individually peeled away when fully soiled leaving a new layer ready for use.

    • East application , bottom sheet can be adhered to the floor to stay in the one location or left sealed to be transported from one site to another
    • Once top sheet is soiled, remove it to expose a clean mat
    • Effective dust removal , removed dust and contamination , as well as containing it
    • Trip safe, low profile – can also be used under doorways
    • Saves time and money – reduces clean up time
    • Wide range of uses – entry/exit to shops, office, homes, hospitals, laboratories and computer rooms
    • PROVEN to ENHANCE contractors professional image

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 50 cm