Raving fans on the Mega Hippo Mixer portable mixing station.

When the Portamix Hippo Mixing station was first introduced it’s whole aim was about speeding up production and performance as well as getting a consistent floor leveling mix. Today, it’s no different.

Mixing the NOVOPLAN 21 Mapei Floor Leveller the Portamix Mega HIppo mixer setup is a good investment for every applicator allowing a mix of up to 6 x 20kg bags at a time.

It’s time for an upgrade

(You’ve earnt it. And the MEGA PORTAMIX HIPPO has been designed for you.)
If you have to hold the old mixer while your product mixes, and can’t rely on it for consistent results, it may be time to consider new technology.

Upgrade to Portamix® Mega Hippo Mixing Station – easily mix and deliver the perfect result.

  • Efficiently mix 1L to 80L of any flowable material.
  • Reduce labour costs by 33%.
  • Increase productivity by 40%.
  • Protect your health – let the mixer do the mixing, and you the managing.

Portamix Mega Hippo Mixing station DemonstrationSika Corporation (and many others) have done the laboratory tests and on-site field evaluations, and confirm that Portamix® does everything it says it does. Whether you are mixing a 1L mixture or a 80L batch of floor levelling compound, you can find a Portamix® Hippo from a proven range of mixing helix’s, mixing motors and mobile mixing stations.

Alongside brands like SIKA, Ardex, Mapei, Construction Chemicals, Flowcrete and many other product brands and manufactures have tried, mixed and applied with the Portamix Mega Hippo, portable Mixing station getting the same impressive results, every time. Portamix® Mega Hippo Mixer saves you time, saves you money, protects your health and increase your productivity every time.

Alongside the Hippo mixer can run the PELICAN Portable Mixing Cart which allows you to mix larger quantities while the Pelican takes to side and pours the product to your floor. Ideal for larger flooring projects where you have multiple pallets of floor leveller, the Pelican Transport Mixing cart takes the transport time out of every mix.

Let’s talk,

If your interested in seeing one of the Mega Hippo Mixers stop by one of our stores in SYDNEY – 30 James Street, LIDCOMBE NSW 2141 or in BRISBANE at 130 Lytton Road, BULIMBA Qld 4171. Alternatively have a chat to one of our concrete floor prep team on 1800 422 992. 

PORTAMIX GLOBAL has further information on the system along with product and user testimonials, https://www.portamixglobal.com/

Here’s to making TOUGH JOBS EASY.

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