In the instance where you need to level or build up your floor to specific heights, it needs to be simple. For years, the way has been to drill a hole in the floor, insert a ‘Timber Dowell’ , then cut the Dowell off flush with the floor and drive a screw into the top of the Dowel and raise or lower the screw to the suited height.  Great process but time consuming!

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Getting the size right

The ideal generator size is one that is correctly matched to power all the things you want to run at the same time. If it is too big, not only will it be more expensive to purchase, but it will not necessarily run as efficiently as the correctly matched size. If it is too small, some of your equipment may not give its maximum output, and at times its lifespan may be reduced.

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All Preparation Equipment – Power Guide

It is always wise to be pre-emptive rather than reactive when it comes to power related issues. Repeated power issues will quickly damage the capacitors in a start/run capacitor motor such as a Meteor or Satellite. This will result in immediate repairs being required and failure during critical tasks such as jobs with time limits.

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How hard can it really be?

Removing floor coverings glued down commercial carpets and vinyl can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming task. Time consuming means all-important profit thieving labour costs. If your business deals with floor covering removal such as Vinyl, Tile, or Carpet then this guide will provide you with answers.

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1. Introduction

Laying Vinyl Carpet Tiles
Laying Vinyl Carpet Tiles

Flooring removal and surface preparation is one of the fastest growing areas of the flooring industry. With the rise in new construction quality standards, the renovation industry has been forced to modify their techniques in order to provide modern day standards when renovating an older structure.

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