An Edco Scarifier removing driveway paint

Concrete scarifier helps resurface concrete driveways

Coating removed from concrete with scarifierWith the new year comes a new direction and new tools for our client, a contracting team who’ve been pouring concrete for many years. Noticing many flaking and peeling decorative or painted concrete driveways, they recognised a new direction for their business: removing and resurfacing them.

To make the most of their new business opportunity, they needed a fast solution that would leave a heavy, consistent key, ready for them to quickly resurface over one driveway after another. Each driveway had paint or coating 5mm thick or more, so the removal process needed to be one that would save them time and money.

Edco Scarifier removing driveway paint

Concrete scarifier offers fast coating removal

All Preparation Equipment’s petrol EDCO CPM8 concrete scarifier proved to be the best solution, as it’s:

  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Capable of removing the spray pave paint in one pass
  • Able to give a good heavy keyed finish on the concrete, ready for applying the new resurfacing product

Concrete scarifying machines can be set up for many different applications, from line removal and grooving to minor trenching works. With their full set of tungsten cutting flails, they offer a more consistent finish on concrete. the cutters can be rearranged accordingly for these applications.

Tungsten carbide cutters get the job done – fast

Of all the range of scarifier attachments, the 6 point tungsten carbide cutters to get the fastest speed removal and give the best finish. It’s little wonder they’re the most popular accessory used for aggressive removal.

EDCO’s tungsten carbide cutters are designed to extract hard materials like concrete, floor coatings, and asphalt. Thanks to their aggressiveness and long life, they’re a hugely popular scarifier attachment.

All Preparation Equipment has years of experience in the field of concrete surface preparation and finishing. Call our team today on 1800 422 992 or send an email to to discuss your specific concrete project.

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