Dustcontrol Tromb 400 - Feel the power

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5 May 2016

Dustcontrol Tromb 400 - Feel the power

DustControl Tromb Vacuum with GrinderOur first shipment of the Dustcontrol Tromb 400 vacuums have just arrived!

Did you know that 'Tromb' means "Cyclone" in Swedish? That's not surprising considering these are the most powerful vacuums in this size, capable of sucking more dust then any vacuum of it's size!

DCTromb 400 Vacuum

Designed with you and your jobs in mind, the machine is a smooth operating machine, slimline design, easy to manouvre and effective to run.

The TROMB DC400 Vacuum is one of the highest suction machines in it's size.

Talk to the team at All Preparation Equipment today about how you can be getting better dust control on your jobsites today. Call our team today on 1800 22 992 to saving in clean up time on site.


The DC Tromb 400 is our most powerful single-phase dust extractor. It is designed to meet modern safety requirements and to work in conjunction with tools that have become ever more effi cient and that therefore produce more dust than they have previously.
The maximum airfl ow is as high as 400 m3/h, which is more than enough capacity for equipment such as fl oor grinders with a working width of 500 mm and large electric cut-off saws.

Not only is the DC Tromb 400 compact, powerful and efficient, but it’s versatile too. It is easy to transport around construction sites, move in stairwells and lift into tight spaces. The wheels are puncture-proof and won’t leave marks on the floor. The front wheels are lockable for working on uneven ground. Connect the dust extractor to hand tools such as cut-offs, jackhammers and saws, or use it for cleaning up on site. The DC Tromb 400 is adapted for all types of fi ne dust such as plaster, asbestos, wood, concrete (silica) and filler dust.
The machine comes equipped as standard with a fine filter (rinsable polyester) and an H13 filter that complies with asbestos removal requirements. A filter monitor shows the user when it’s time to clean the filter. Filter cleaning can be done automatically during operation, or once the work has been completed.