5 Tips for Keeping Your Worksite Clean and Serviceable

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25 Nov 2019

5 Tips for Keeping Your Worksite Clean and Serviceable

Having a clean and organised worksite is more than just for appearances.

Experts know that a clean worksite is a safer worksite. Not only can it reduce site hazards, but it can also help protect your team’s health.

If you want to get the job done faster, safer, and with fewer issues, then keeping your site clean and serviceable should always be a priority.

Here are our top tips for doing it:


1. Keep All Access Points Clear and Free from Obstruction

No matter what type of worksite you have, you need to make sure that all access points are clear and free from obstruction.

This includes all accessible roads, pathways, stairways, doorways, and passageways. Removing unnecessary things from these areas will help keep your operations running smooth and prevent workplace accidents.



2. Invest in dust control tools

Dust is a major issue for many worksites, and it can be a big problem if you don’t manage it properly. Save yourself this massive headache by investing in the right dust control tools.

You’ll find a variety of industrial vacuums, dust separators, and air purifiers that you can use to keep your site clean and dust-free from start to finish.

Best of all, you can attach many of these tools and machines to your grinders or cutters, allowing you to catch and collect dust from the source.



3. Set a regular cleaning schedule

A big part of keeping your site clean is maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for your site. Remember that cleaning frequency is often more important than cleaning duration.

That is, it’s usually better to have quick cleanups regularly rather than cleaning your site once for a long period.

That’s because frequent cleaning will help you identify and correct any issues before they become bigger problems later.


4. Establish a system for removing waste safely

Waste is a major factor in any worksite, especially if you’re working somewhere with no waste management system in place.

Before starting your project, make sure that you have a system for the proper collection and disposal of waste.

Remember also to consider not just material waste from your job, but also personal waste from you and your team.



5. Clean your tools and machines regularly

Dirty tools and machines often produce more waste and created bigger messes than necessary. They’ll also require more energy to use, which is a waste of both your time and money.

Avoid these hassles from the start by cleaning your tools and machines regularly. This will help you work more efficiently while making cleanups easier.


Need More Advice?

Contact us today to get expert assistance from our specialists. We supply a wide range of cleaning equipment to our clients in construction and floor preparation, so we can help you choose the right tools for your project.

Whether you’re improving your waste management system or simply looking for a way to keep your worksite cleaner, we can help you find the right equipment to get it done.