Getting floor preparation right for garage floors

Floor Levelling & Coating Application

13 Oct 2016

Getting floor preparation right for garage floors

IMG_20160816_111901We get on well together! Any floor topping or self-leveling project needs to be fast, efficient and right the first time. Partnering All Preparation Equipment, a Portamix Hippo mixing station and Mapei Floor levelling compounds ensures accuracy and efficiency every time!

Levelling the floor is just a part of the process to getting the perfect garage floor.





Mapei Ultraplan is a floor levelling compound used for levelling and smoothing concrete floors up to 10mm on new or existing concrete substrates. The Ultraplan Mapei leveller is one of the most popular fr using under all kinds of floor coverings where high resistance to loads, heavy traffic or equipment is required. Used only for interior flooring surfaces Ultraplan is also suited to use to wheeled chairs.

Garage floors often are boring and have no life, that's why there is professional floor coating applicators who specialise in garage floor coatings be it epoxy, flake, decorative or polished concrete floors.

When you've been awarded the job to spruce up a concrete garage floor and add life, style or colour - All Preparation Equipment is here to help ensure your preparation is done right. Garage flooring has many selections of floor covering types when it comes to looking at what works best for you, consider the options. A concrete epoxy floor coating or a covering.

Coverings can include carpet tiles, vinyl tiles or matting, however more commonly you'll find a garage floor with a coating applied.

Considering a garage floor endures oil, grease and rust stains it can easily be given a new lease of life with a concrete floor sealer, coating or paint. To ensure longevity in your new floor coating a concrete epoxy coating is often recommended over paints or sealer.

No matter what the coating type - the preparation of your floor is essential.

Oil or grease stains are near impossible to remove however and can also cause issues with painted or epoxy coating finishes. Concrete floor coatings or coverings will not eliminate moisture issues, nor will paints or epoxies stand the test of time if the concrete has a lot of moisture in it.

Be sure to get the preparation of the concrete floor right - before your product is applied.

Some things to consider repairing a concrete garage floor prior to applying an epoxy floor coating;

  • Clean the concrete subfloor
  • Grind down high spots or imperfections
  • Remove any existing coating, adhesive or membrane
  • Repair cracks and joins
  • Patch and repair any surface imperfections
  • Harden the concrete subfloor with a Densifier
  • Prime the floor