Polished Concrete Floors ready for Grand Opening at QUT

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23 Feb 2017

Polished Concrete Floors ready for Grand Opening at QUT

Only days left prior to the Grand Opening of the new QUT University Art Gallery opening something to happen fast to the entrance to impress. There was hardly time to do the job, but everything was made possible when Jacob and his team from JB Concrete and Construction arrived on site with the impressive Planetary Schwamborn DSM530S Concrete Grinder. Easy

Easy to use, operate and control the 530mm machine ground off the existing product from the floor and ground it up to a smooth shiny concrete floor ready for a coat of sealer.


When it comes to making a tough grinding job easier,

All Preparation Equipment ensures their customers have the right equipment, advice and diamond tooling to grind through floors faster ensuring they get done right the first time. Their German manufactured and engineered machines have been in the industry for more than 80 years and are designed with the contractor in mind. Grinding is not meant to be a grind!




80m2 to get removed, prepared and perfect

With this Art Gallery entrance around 80m2 they wanted to get it back to the original concrete look. Using the impressive DSM530 Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinder the boys started with a set of lower grit diamond grinding shoes before working their way up to finer grades to smooth the surface ready for a sealer to be applied.



100% Dust Control

Being in the surrounds of an Art Gallery the dust control was critical. The Schwamborn Three phase Planetary Concrete Floor Grinder allows a fast easy connection to any vacuum system and using the Pullman Ermator S26 Twin motor vacuum meant the concrete grinder dust was easily controlled to ensure the floor was left clean and meant minimal clean up.



We want to see you succeed

Here's to another successful concrete flooring project – completed and handover on time, thanks to the Three phase Schwamborn Concrete Grinding system and All Preparation Equipment. Let's talk about your next concrete floor polishing project to see how you can prepare it faster, dustless, smoother and shinier.