APE 2000 Twin-Head Vacuum & Supa Separator - Fitment Guide

Connecting and Coupling Equipment Together

5 Sep 2014

APE 2000 Twin-Head Vacuum & Supa Separator - Fitment Guide

APE 2000 + Separator Fitment Fitting the A.P.E 2000 Vac to a Supa Separator

If you have just purchased an A.P.E. 2000 & Supa Separator kit, or are adding one to the other, you will require the following fittings to connect it all together. If you have purchased the kit complete, those fittings should be included. If you are adding one to the other, ensure you purchase the following two fittings:


1. VAC-AA-11597 38mm reducer

[caption id="attachment_373" align="alignnone" width="250"]38mm Reducer 38mm Reducer[/caption]

This reducer is designed to allow the small 100mm section of 38mm silver hose to be inserted into the 50mm black hose supplied with the separator.

2. VAC-AA-15369 50mm Rotating Hose Cuff

[caption id="attachment_374" align="alignnone" width="250"]50mm Rotating Hose Cuff 50mm Rotating Hose Cuff[/caption]

This rotating hose cuff is inserted into the silver hose supplied with the vacuum to allow it to be connected to the 50mm DUST IN port of the separator.

3. Connecting it all together

[caption id="attachment_380" align="alignleft" width="250"]ReducerIn50mmHose Reducer Inserted into 50mm Hose[/caption]

Remove the silver 38mm hose from the A.P.E. 2000 vacuum canister. Find the fitting that connects into the vacuum canister. Measure 100mm back along the hose from the fitting and cut the hose.

Using the VAC-AA-11597, screw the larger end over the 100mm section (with the fitting that connects into the canister attached) of 38mm silver hose.

Remove the black 50mm hose supplied with the Separator from the separator canister. Remove the Blue 50mm cuff fitting from the 50mm hose.

Insert the VAC-AA-11597 fitting already attached to the 100mm of 38mm hose into the 50mm black hose which you have removed the blue cuff from.

Fit the VAC-AA-15369 to the long 38mm hose section where it was cut previously to supply the vac canister fitting.

Use the 50mm black hose with the silver 38mm conversion from the vacuum to the separator DUST OUT port.

Use the long 38mm silver hose with the VAC-AA-15369 fitting to connect to the Separator DUST IN port. Fit the other end of the silver 38mm long hose to your grinder.