APE helps make Sea World’s refurbishment a walk in the park

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29 Sep 2014

APE helps make Sea World’s refurbishment a walk in the park

Concrete floor preparation with All Preparation Equipment

When Sea World on the Gold Coast set out to refurbish 350 of their resort bathrooms, they needed experts in hotel interior design and refurbishment. Thanks to their long-standing relationship with Sea World, Carmody Group were top of mind when the park sought a capable partner to help them with the project.

Naturally, closing Sea World while the work went on was simply not an option – so Carmody Group had to meet the challenge of carrying out the job quickly and very efficiently, with as little impact on guests as possible. They turned to All Preparation Equipment for help.

The right equipment makes tough bathroom reno's easy

Working on such a large scale project meant speed was vital. Bathroom tiles needed to be removed quickly, both from larger areas and tricky, cramped spaces.

For grinding and floor preparation in the tighter areas, the All Preparation Equipment team recommended a 5’’ angle grinder package with corner dust shroud, which allowed Carmody Group’s team to get right up snug into the corners. The addition of a rhomboid 12 segment diamond grinding wheel gave high speed removal in these smaller areas, without slowing down the time-critical project.

In larger areas, the DSM250 Schwamborn edge floor grinder was the ideal machine. Powerful and easy to manoeuvre, its adjustable head gave Carmody Group’s operators the flexibility to reach right to the edge on both sides of the grinder. And with its 250mm working width, the DSM250 was highly capable of providing the perfect finish in every room.

Concrete floor preparation with All Preparation Equipment

Keeping it clean with high quality dust control

Creating a memorable experience for guests is Sea World’s priority – so it was crucial that dust from the renovation works were kept under control and well away from the park’s patrons.

To ensure dust-free grinding, we recommended a powerful combination of the Starmix 35L permanent clean vacuum with the APE Supa Dust Separator. With its ‘permanent clean’ system, the Starmix vacuum allowed Carmody Group to work dust-free for longer, while the Supa Separator provided improved the vac’s efficiency and suction.Concrete floor preparation with All Preparation Equipment

As a further defence against dust, in the next stages of the project, the Zipwall dust barrier system is going to be added another safeguard for Sea World’s guests; while the popular Polyweave surface protection kept existing floor coverings clean and dirt-free.



A work in action Concrete floor preparation with All Preparation Equipment

Work on this substantial project is progressing well, and Carmody Group is well-placed to complete the renovation project in 2015.

It’s obvious that quality is the key with both Carmody Group and SeaWorld. Having worked together for a number of years on refurbishment of the park, it shows how critical concrete floor preparation, removal and dust control is on any project in order to do the job right.

Whether your next job is large or small, the All Preparation Equipment team have the know-how to help make it easy. Find out more about our range here or contact a product expert today.