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What you need to know about your Portamix Mega Hippo mixing station and the Helix paddle.

how to fix broken helix

The one spot that'll give you everything you need to know about the helix: from knowing how to use it, to knowing when to use the correct one.

Why did my mixing helix snap?

It is rare for Portamix Mega Hippo mixing paddle to snap. But it has happened and will happen again if incorrect assembly occurs.

The paddle shaft is made of 18mm diameter steel and threaded with an M16 connection to connect directly to the motor shaft. However, the threaded connection piece is not designed to withstand the mixer's powerful twisting force in action. It is only when the lock nut at the top of the helix has firmly engaged on the motor shaft's shoulder that the mixing paddle shaft can withstand the high torsion forces created by mixing. The load is applied to the locknut and motor shaft, not the threaded connection.

The only likely reason for a mixing paddle shaft to shear off at the threaded connection is that the mixing paddle has not been threaded fully into the motor.

When the paddle is not fully threaded into the motor shaft, the paddle's locknut is not firmly engaged against the motor shaft. This means that the full mixing torque is being applied to the threaded portion of the mixing paddle causing the mixing paddle shaft to shear off.

What do I need to do to prevent a snapped helix?

Before starting operation, it is essential to check that the mixing paddle is correctly fitted to the motor shaft with the lock nut fully engaged on the motor spindle.

If the mixer paddle will not fully thread into the motor shaft, remove the paddle and check the motor shaft threaded hole for debris or anything stopping the mixer paddle's full engagement. Clean and remove debris, then check that the mixer paddle thread is clean, and undamaged through to the locknut.

portamix helix fix

If your stuck onsite with a broken Helix mixing paddle because of incorrect fitting it can make a very unproductive day. Be sure to share this with your team on how to correctly fit and install a new helix paddle for next time you replace one on your machine. 

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