Casino refurbishment no longer a gamble with Schwamborn

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31 Aug 2015

Casino refurbishment no longer a gamble with Schwamborn

"At the casino, it’s pretty fast paced but the boys have smashed all records. We’ve stripped out 42 bathrooms – with about 6mto each – and they’ve all been ground today with the 250. It’s all now running to schedule and we’ve got another few days to strip out the balance and get it ready for the layers," says Richard, the Project Manager on site.

The king of concrete floor grinding

When you're working on commercial refurbishment and concrete floor grinding, time is of the essence. And because the casino is looking to refurbish each of its 592 rooms, there is a lot more work to be done. That's the reason why the Schwamborn concrete grinding machine was chosen to ensure the same perfect floor finish on each individual room.

Setup on site was the DSM250 Schwamborn grinding package, which meant that after the tiles in each of the bathrooms were removed, the grinder could go in with the edging attachment to grind around the edge of the concrete floor to remove any of the excess glue, before proceeding to the main area of the floor.

Dust control package plays a winning hand

6misn’t a big space, which meant dust control was essential. Once the Starmix vacuum hose was connected to the 250mm Schwamborn grinder and Supa Separator system, it worked best to have the grinder and operator in the bathroom area grinding, while keeping the vacuum and separator just outside the room. This meant the maximum floor space was available to manoeuvre the floor grinder and get the best possible finish on the floor – ready for the layers to step right in and begin laying.

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