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Surface Protection

Temporary Floor Protection Products

All Preparation Equipment carries a wide inventory of floor protectors and surface protection solutions for your construction project. Our current products include premiums, such as Polyweave, Zipwall dust containment, corner and door jamb protectors, sticky mats, corflute and felt protection, among various others. We’re here to help! Shop the range of temporary floor and surface protection products below or call our team direct on 1800 422 992 to discuss your project requirement.

Why Use Temporary Floor Protection?

Suppose the floor covering needs to be protected from other trades or site traffic before the project is finished. In that case, the floor protection product chosen must be suitable for the type and degree of traffic expected and the risk of impact, scratching, or indentation damage to the flooring.

During any type of construction project, floors are at their most susceptible. No matter how messy the task is, the correct floor protection materials will help to safeguard it.

Any construction project requires cleaning, and the less cleaning that needs to be done, the faster the job may be completed. Cleaning up construction sites is more straightforward with temporary floor covering since the materials help keep debris and dust from adhering to surfaces.

Why Choose All Preparation Equipment?

You've come to the right place if you work in the flooring, construction or surface preparation industries. Our mantra is 'Tough Jobs Made Easy,' which guides us in all we do, including selecting the products we offer. We're here to supply construction and flooring contractors with premium-quality materials that are safer, smarter, and faster solutions for their jobs. Our selection of products and our guidance, help, and technical assistance have saved substantial resources and hours onsite.

All across Australia, All Preparation Equipment has been trusted to help reduce downtime, make jobs easier and save precious hours. Whether they're independent subcontractors, corporate workers or DIY-ers, we know that our customers are under strict time constraints, and that's why we're here to help. Our promptness in deliveries, dependability of availability and ongoing technical assistance all affect their purchasing decisions.

Fast Australia-Wide Delivery

We're a key supplier to flooring contractors all throughout Australia who want to reduce downtime, save time, and simplify their work. Our customers work under time constraints to meet project deadlines. As a result, the timeliness of service, equipment reliability, and technical help is essential in their purchasing selections. We recognise that our clients work under time constraints to meet project deadlines.

Our customers operate in time-critical conditions to fulfil project deadlines, and we're here to assist them whether they're a subcontractor or an employee of a corporation. Our responsiveness, equipment dependability, and technical support have the most influence on their purchasing decisions.

We offer same-day dispatches for orders made by 3 pm (QLD time) and next-day delivery to most locations across Australia. We achieve this efficiency by working with a vast network of transport and courier companies in Australia and New Zealand. We always make it a point to deliver your products quickly.