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Concrete Densifiers are used to enhance the density or hardness of concrete. Concrete Densifier is sprayed onto concrete floors to penetrate into the top layer of the surface, filling the pores of the concrete, and helping to harden it. C2 Crete Colors International Densfiers are high quality, fast reacting concrete densifiers to help ensure the best possible finish on polished concrete floors.

Why Use Densifiers for Polished Concrete?

Although used to densify floors and concrete in general, concrete densifiers are also useful for polished concrete. Not only does it help in hardening concrete, but it also helps the polished concrete shine more.


What are the options for Polished Concrete Densifiers?

There are a number of densifiers for concrete floors on the market, and mostly the one you use depends on the type of concrete floor you are working with. Softer concrete is often densified with potassium or colloidal-based densifier as this works out more economically and helps to harder the concrete before working with it further. Following this process often a Lithium densifier is used to 'lick coat' or lightly apply on the higher stages of a mechanically polished concrete floor finish.

  • Lithium Densifier – This type provides a more glossy and shiny finish compared to the other types of concrete densifiers.
  • Potassium Silicate – A rather easy-to-use compound like the Lithium densifier because they don’t require any prior preparations when using them.
  • Sodium Silicate Densifier - This type of densifier provides a matte finish to your concrete. (Older technology!)