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Generators for Sale

Makinex Generators are the perfect solution for your needs. Ranging from 6kVa up to 23kVa, to run single or three-phase equipment from anywhere. We have portable generators that will run a wide range of tooling & equipment on any site - whether it be a concrete floor grinder, vacuum system, or handheld power tools and equipment. By running a generator onsite you can partner your concrete floor grinder and vacuum off a single power source without tripping power onsite or having your equipment cut out because it is being starved of power.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Generators?

Choosing the most suitable industrial generator for your construction project is critical to completing it on time and within budget. Generators are one of the essential pieces of equipment on a construction site because they provide the primary power source for all other equipment.

Choosing the wrong generator for your industrial application can result in a waste of money, as well as maintenance and safety difficulties, and, worst of all, potential job site productivity delays.


Generator Sizes

Choosing the proper size industrial generator for your job site application is one of the most critical considerations.

Industrial generators typically supply power ranging from 50 kW to over 3 megawatts. Selecting a generator with a capacity that is too small for the job will result in your job site demands not being met. Also, choosing a generator with a capacity that is far larger than required for your job site will damage the generator as well as the equipment and components connected to it.

There is a widespread assumption that bigger is better when it comes to industrial generators. Yet, this is not always the case, as each worksite application is different, and choosing the right generator size depends on a range of criteria.


Pro Tips

  • Make a list of all the equipment that will draw power from the generator.
  • Calculate the starting and running wattages.
  • Calculate the amount of time that site equipment will need to run continuously.


Advantages of Having the Right Generator

  • Appropriate Load Capacity
  • Increased Generator Performance
  • Longer Serviceable Life
  • Fewer Maintenance Issues
  • Safer Working Environment


Generators for Sale Brisbane, Shipped Australia-Wide

We have a hefty selection of petrol generators for sale to meet any demand. Rest assured that we only source our generator sale units from the most reputable manufacturers to ensure that there will be no downtime on your job site. Please feel free to get in touch with our generator sales team for any enquiries regarding our products.