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Self Adhesive Film

Self Adhesive Film

All Preparation Equipment provides the perfect solution for protecting soft and hard surfaces, including carpets, during construction or refurbishment projects. Our high-tack self-adhesive film is an economical solution for temporary protection and water resistance for your worksite’s delicate surfaces. This high-tack self-adhesive film is easy to apply, especially with the help of our film applicator.

The self-adhesive film applicator makes applying our self adhesive protective film a breeze. Simply load the roll onto the catcher and push the applicator forward. Using this applicator will ensure that the application is even and wrinkle-free, giving a highly professional smooth finish.

Why Use Self Adhesive Carpet Film?

Aside from the usual glossy shine, there are other benefits in using self adhesive film rolls like:

  • Protection from paint drops and other smudges
  • Doesn't require any nails or any other adhesion that can damage your carpet or floor
  • Tear and puncture resistant

When is the Right Time to Remove the Self Adhesive Film?

Like any other film, self-adhesive film rolls also needs to be replaced. The ideal lifespan of a roll should be 30-60 days after application. This will ensure that the film won't leave behind any form of residue from the adhesive. 

How to Avoid Adhesive Residue?

The most essential factor is the quality of the product you’re using and ensuring that you’re following the recommended usage instructions. If you need help or further information about the recommended usage duration of our self-adhesive films, please get in touch with our team and we would be glad to help you out.

Why Choose All Preparation Equipment?

You've come to the perfect site if you work in construction, flooring, or with concrete floors. Our motto is 'Tough Jobs Made Easy.' It's at the core of all we do. With experienced technical guidance and assistance, we're here to provide flooring and construction contractors with safer, smarter, and faster solutions to complete their projects on schedule.

Flooring contractors all throughout Australia turn to All Preparation Equipment to cut down on downtime, save time, and make their tasks easier. Our customers work under time constraints to meet project deadlines, and we're here to help them, whether they're subcontractors or corporate employees. Their purchase selections are influenced by our timeliness, equipment dependability, and technical assistance.

Fast, Australia-Wide Delivery

We're a big help to flooring contractors all around Australia who want to save time, cut down on downtime, and make their tasks easier. Our customers work under time constraints to meet project deadlines. As a result, the timeliness of service, equipment reliability, and technical help are the most important elements in their purchasing selections. We recognize that our clients work under time constraints in order to meet project deadlines.

We offer same-day dispatches for orders made by 3 pm (QLD time) and next-day delivery to most locations across Australia. We achieve this efficiency by working with a vast network of transport and courier companies in Australia and New Zealand. We always make it a point to deliver your products as quickly as possible.