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Resin Pads

Resin Pads

Resin Pads and Floor Polishing Pads

All Preparation Equipment carries a comprehensive line of resin pads, including concrete polishing pads, diamond polishing pads and Velcro backing pads. Whatever the task at hand may be, we are confident that we can supply your needs. You'd also be pleased to know that we offer a Resin Bundle Promo package set, including a complete range of pads from 50 to 1500 grit. Make All Preparation Equipment your one-stop shop for all the toughest jobs.

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Our inventory carries a variety of polishing pads, including triangular resin pads, rigid resin polishing pads and honeycomb resin polishing pads. We also offer wet and dry and quick-change resins for efficient use of man-hours. You can also turn to us for transitional resin pads, ceramic polishers, copper bond pads, flat hybrid polishers, high-gloss pads, wool shine pads and much more.

Why Choose All Preparation Equipment?

You've come to the perfect site if you work in construction, flooring, or with concrete floors. Our motto is 'Tough Jobs Made Easy.' It's at the core of all we do. With experienced technical guidance and assistance, we're here to provide flooring and construction contractors with safer, smarter, and faster solutions to complete their projects on schedule.

All Preparation Equipment is a top supplier to flooring contractors all around Australia who want to cut down on downtime, save time, and make their jobs easier. 

Our customers operate in time-critical conditions to fulfil project deadlines, and we're here to assist them whether they're a subcontractor or an employee of a corporation. Our responsiveness, equipment dependability, and technical support have the most influence on their purchasing decisions.

Fast, Australia-Wide Delivery

We're a major provider to flooring contractors all around Australia who want to cut down on downtime, save time, and make their jobs easier. To fulfil project deadlines, our customers work in time-critical conditions. As a result, the most critical factors in their purchasing decisions are the timeliness of service, equipment reliability, and technical assistance. We understand that our clients work in time-sensitive circumstances to achieve project deadlines.

We offer same-day dispatches for orders made by 3 pm (QLD time) and next-day delivery to most locations across Australia. We achieve this efficiency by working with a vast network of transport and courier companies in Australia and New Zealand. We always make it a point to deliver your products as quickly as possible.