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Paint Roller Sleeves

Paint Roller Sleeves

Our paint and microfibre roler sleeves are used in many applications including epoxy coating, painting, floor sealers and densifying concrete floors, pavers, tiles or stone. The nap size of the sleeve varies across the range and important you choose one right for your intended project. Largely microfibre paint roller sleeves are used as they better absorband spread the paint or product compared to other regular paint sleeves.

Why Use a Paint Roller?

Using paint roller sleeves speeds up the painting process as it covers more area. Aside from that, it coats the surface more evenly compared to your regular paintbrush. Works for almost every type of paint and coatings, unlike brushes.


What’s the Best Roller Sleeve to use for Concrete Floors?

Concrete flooring surfaces often have heavy traffic, this is why painting or sealing the floor is part of the building process. Epoxy coatings, resins, polyurethanes and penetrating sealers include just some of the optoins used to seal concrete floors, and our range of paint roller sleeves are designed to help with these projects. Shop our complete range of microfibre, industrial, nylon, or tech paint roller applicator sleeves online.