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Dripless Sprayers and Parts

Dripless Sprayers and Parts

Chapin Sprayers are one of the most popular portable sprayers for applying concrete densifiers and sealers. Replacement parts can be purchased online here, or if you can't find the part you are looking for call the team at All Preparation Equipment on 1800 422 992.

Why use a Chapin Sprayer to apply product to concrete?

Chapin Sprayers allow a more consistent application and coverage of, liquid polymer grouts, densifier and some sealer to concrete floors. Our Chapin sprayers help ensure a faster application of the product also that can then be worked in with a microfibre applicator to consistently distribute the product across the floor.

Chapin Sprayers are a low pressure sprayer so help make the application of products easier and more effective across larger sqm projects.


How to maintain and clean your Chapin Sprayer?

As with any equipment there’s a few basic rules to help ensure you get the best life out of your sprayer:

  1. Never use your sprayer to store sealer or solvents 
  2. Ensure you clean out the sprayer can, hose and tip after each use. Rinse it clean with water.
  3. Leave the plunger out of the sprayer after cleaning to reduce the risk of gaskets swelling from residual solvent.
  4. Do not use solvent based sealer, or chemical in your Chapin Sprayer unless it is a model that is designed for it.



By using a sprayer or misting applicator to apply densifiers, sealers or other concrete treatment chemicals you can get better consisitency in your application, measure the quantity you apply across your floor area, and ensure a better penetration of it to your surface. Shop the range of Chapin Sprayers online today,

Lithium and Collidal silicate densifiers are designed to be sprayed on to any concrete floor with a sprayer to help ensure even, consistent distriution of the product. Our range of Chapin Sprayers is designed to help you control how much product is applied, ensure no wastage, and help you work much faster. If no sprayer or applicator is used you can waste a lot of product and overapply the product making the next stages of the concrete polishing or grinding process harder to achieve.

Order your Chapin Sprayer online or replacement parts. Can’t find what your looking for? Call the team at All Preparation Equipment on 1800 422 992.