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Adapter Plates

Adapter Plates

Want to up your productivity and lower your costs? Perhaps you've heard about the superior life of Shwamborn knock-on diamond grinding shoes. The problem, you're not quite ready to go all in and invest in a Schwamborn concrete grinder

That's okay, we've got good news for you. In the mean time, you can grab one of our adapter plates with your next grinding shoes order! The cost of Converting your Husqvarna or Satellite concrete grinder will quickly pay for itself. Schwamborn concrete grinders are the industry leaders so it makes sense that their diamond grinding shoes are leagues ahead when it comes to performance and longevity.  

All Prep stock Adapter plates to suit most makes and models, so get yours today so you can start taking adantage of the superior grinding capabilities of Schwamborn knock-on diamond grinding shoes. 

Can't see the adapter plate to suit your machine? One of our experts can help, call us on 1800 422 992.