APE helps make a tough crack chasing project easy

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26 Aug 2014

APE helps make a tough crack chasing project easy

Crack chasing project in Wandoan

At a project 70km west of Wandoan, coating subcontractor Glindemann Industrial Coatings was appointed by the principal contractor to remove 2300 lineal metres of expansion joints, ranging from 20mm-35mm width and 25mm in depth, from across a floor surface. Glindemann's Managing Director approached All Preparation Equipment for help making this tough job easy. 

The principal contractor, an international engineering enterprise, has helped construct a series of three water treatment plants across Queensland for QGC as a part of the QCLNG project. Of these, the Northern Water Treatment Plant has been designed to be one of the largest water treatment plants in Australia, treating 100 million litres of water per day.

The right products to ensure success

Crack Chasing MachineAll Preparation Equipment’s concrete preparation team put their heads together to come up with a crack chasing saw trolley, designed to effectively rip up the foam and slag from the existing expansion joint, then clean off some of the old concrete and prepare prior to applying a new CR and Roadseal polyurethane sealant.

In parts of the concrete floor, in a 5mm radius on either side of the expansion joints, was a chunk of slurry which had to be cleaned off. With the help of a Superior Turbo diamond cutting blade fixed to the joint saw trolley, the blade cut and cleaned residual overburden from the entire joint. Followed closely with the wire twist knot wheel, the Crack Chasing trolley moved through the trench to remove the bulk of the product and shave the flex foam down 25mm.







Wire Brush Wheel                 Superior Turbo Cutting Blade

Crack Chasing machine






Crack Chasing MachineOnce this stage was complete, it was time to consider the next step: masking each side before applying the primer and polyurethane sealant. Thanks to All Preparation Equipment's advice, the Glindemann team successfully completed the project to allow the floors to move onto the next stage.

No dust allowed

crack chasing projectAs with all construction projects and site regulations, dust control was essential. Connected to the Concrete Joint Cleaning Saw Trolley was the Permanent Clean 35L Starmix vacuum and 50L APE Supa Separator fixed with hose cuff attachments and flexible hose to ensure it could quickly move along the floor.




What are concrete floor expansion joints?

crack chasing projectIn any building and construction, expansion joints are essential. Known as mid-structured separation of concrete, they're designed to relieve pressure on building materials caused by any movement, and are commonly found between sections of concrete floors, buildings, bridges, concrete slabs and sidewalks, railway tracks, piping systems and many other structures.

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