Diamond tooling to suit Husqvarna and Schwamborn grinding machines

Concrete floor grinding

26 Apr 2018

Diamond tooling to suit Husqvarna and Schwamborn grinding machines

When it comes to preparing concrete floors, resurfacing and grinding, you need diamonds and tooling on your concrete floor grinding machines that will do the work for you.

Whether you need to grind back previous concrete floor coatings, treatments or epoxies or strip down high spots, grind off glue and adhesive of speed up floor prep and leveling onsite, All Preparation Equipment carries a range of diamond tooling to suit your project application.


  • Soft, Porous or rain damaged concrete
  • Blackjack adhesive / asbestos glues and adhesives
  • Plastic, like ceramic adhesives / glues
  • Paint and thin epoxy floor coatings
  • Thick epoxy, ultra-high build, polyaspartic or polyurethane coatings
  • Hard, burnished or steel troweled concrete
  • Polished concrete
  • Treated or moisture fixed concrete floors
  • Terrazzo, stone or marble floors


In a range of diamonds to suit the Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinding machines, and diamonds to suit the Husqvarna Redilock style plates or conversion plates with a Redi-lock style holder. Our diamonds will work on your machine.

Each diamond provides a different grinding performance.

PREMIUM – 195%


BASIC – 95%

*average grinding performance = grinding speed and service life.

These diamonds work on any of the Husqvarna Concrete Floor Grinding machines, PG820 Floor Grinder, PG 820 Remote Controlled Concrete Grinder, PG680 Grinder, PG 680 Remote Controlled Grinder, PG530 Grinder, PG450 Concrete Grinder (single phase), PG400 Single phase Grinder, PG280 Single phase fixed speed Grinder.

Also any other brand of grinder that has a Redi-lock style conversion plate can take these diamond shoes including, Scanmaskin, Lavina, HTC, Klindex, Floorex, Satellite Grinder, Meteor Grinders, and more.

No matter what level of finish or grind your looking for our range of Husqvarna style and Schwamborn diamond grinding shoes.

Different manufacturers will refer to the diamond tooling under the machine as segments, teeth, plates or even teeth. The point is getting the right diamond for your applications to ensure a more effective grind on the job.