Here's to success at Level 4, 120 Edward St

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8 Apr 2017

Here's to success at Level 4, 120 Edward St

We always find it so rewarding to help floor layers speed up the time spent on site to prepare the concrete substrate prior to laying. Doubling production speed in the glue removal stage at 120 Edward Street, means the fitout project gets completed on time. Here's some pictures from the project well underway with the DSM250 Schwamborn Concrete Grinder. 

In any fitout project there is so many stages to complete.

Floor preparation is a critical stage in any fitout or make good project.

With a larger grinder already on site that removed the glue after 2 passes on the floor, the floor preparation was just not getting done fast enough. That was when the guys on site got in contact with All Preparation Equipment to find out what was needed to get through the job faster.

A faster solution was needed

After a call to All Preparation Equipment we quickly worked as time to find a faster solution that could remove the glue more effectively.

On site arrived the Schwamborn DSM250 Floor Grinder with an aggressive set of diamond grinding shoes. This machine had the ability to grind faster and remove the glue in a single pass, meaning the speed of preparation doubled. In some stages where the glue was thicker, the Schwamborn glided across the floor and levelled out any imperfections as it went meaning the floor was left, ready to lay on.


Schwamborn has diamonds for the job

Schwamborn Concrete Grinders offer a range of diamond tooling to any floor preparation project, from glues and adhesives to coatings, waterproofing membrane, high spots, line marking and much more.

The Schwamborn DSM250 Grinder took to the floor with 16 Grit, Soft Bond Diamond Grinding Shoes and meant the glue was removed in a single pass. With their larger grinding machine they had to go over the floor at least a couple of times in order to get all the glue removed.

No matter how hard the concrete, glue or adhesives are to remove Schwamborn has a solution of diamonds that will help cut through quickly.

Floor prep completed on time, on schedule, on budget

If it wasn't for the Schwamborn Grinder the guys on site would still be grinding. But for now it's tools down for the floor prep guys and the other trades are welcome to site as planned to complete their sections of the fitout. We're so excited to see finished pictures of this project that we'll share shortly on. Follow All Preparation Equipment company page to ensure you see them.



More from Level 4, 120 Edward Street,

Controlling the dust,

Grinding off the adhesive and preparing the floor was a simple process and so was the dust control. With the 250mm Grinders’ dust shroud set at the standard height, vacuum connected the Grinder controlled the dust without any trouble.

Grinding along the edges of the floor is done with a simple adjustment of the head rotating it, and changing the shroud the wheel guard the dust from grinding the floor can still be controlled.

Let’s be a part of your project,

We love being a part of fit out and refurbishment projects, helping to ensure the floors are prepared correctly the first time before the floor coverings are laid. Knowing they need to get grinding straight away our team got the new DSM250 Schwamborn Concrete grinding machine to site before they were to start.

Fitout projects work to tight schedules which is exactly why All Preparation Equipment is here to make those tough jobs easier. We’d love to hep recommend a faster diamond for your grind machine, have a chat to one of our team today by calling 1800 422 992.

For over 80 years Schwamborn has been designing, manufacturing and engineering grinding and polishing systems to ensure floor preparation is done right the first time. With a range of diamonds to effectively remove tough glues, adhesives, membranes, epoxies and high spots in concrete floors the Schwamborn Grinding setups make for fast effective concrete preparation.

Preparation, the critical step,

Preparation of the concrete was critical, because once that was completed the following trades could access the site. Concrete floors need to be prepared correctly, removing all dirt, paint, adhesive, coatings or membrane prior to applying a new covering, primer or adhesive. Concrete grinding was essential to remove all the product from the surface as well as levelling out the high spots in the floor.