DSM250 Schwamborn floor grinder is first over the line

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30 Jul 2014

DSM250 Schwamborn floor grinder is first over the line

All Preparation Equipment’s Schwamborn floor grinder was recently called on to perform a crucial task in a large beverage factory and warehouse in Queensland – home to products purchased in supermarkets by 1 in 6 Australian consumers.

To ensure workplace safety, every warehouse needs clear and precise line markings at regular intervals. Pedestrian walkways, roadways, and loading and storage areas all need to be remarked or adjusted regularly, to meet regulations and create an efficient workflow. 

Our client, Quentin from Pedestrian Access, was entrusted with removing the warehouse’s worn and dated markings to allow for fresh lines to be applied. The team from All Preparation Equipment swung into action and supplied the right combination of equipment to do the job.

Fast and efficient floor preparation

To ensure high speed removal of the lines with the desired finish, All Preparation Equipment recommended a set up with three 30/40 grit diamond knock on shoes on the base plate.

Working night shifts for three weekends in a row, the DSM250 Schwamborn concrete stand behind floor grinder removed the painted lines efficiently from the concrete floor. With a perfectly prepared surface, the new safety lines could be quickly reapplied and workplace safety maintained.

A tidy finish with superior dust control

Working in an operational food processing plant meant that flawless dust control was essential right throughout the project. Pedestrian Access achieved outstanding dust control with the help of the ultra reliable Starmix vacuum, connected to a Supa Dust Separator to improve suction even further and extend the time between changing filters.

With the help of this powerful combination, all dust and paint debris produced was completely controlled, with no airborne dust present to contaminate the factory’s products.

Once all the dust was securely captured, the dust bags in both vacuum and separator were neatly disposed of, keeping the job site clean and tidy throughout.

When the job’s on the line, finish it on time with Schwamborn, Starmix and All Preparation Equipment! Explore our range of grinders here or call 1800 422 992 to find out more from our expert team now.

Click below to check out the DSM250 Schwamborn floor grinder in action!