DSM430 concrete grinder ensures outstanding concrete preparation

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28 Nov 2014

DSM430 concrete grinder ensures outstanding concrete preparation

The brand new Pinnacle Apartments in Brisbane’s prestigious Hamilton promise residents “the best of everything”. It’s a sentiment that certainly extends to the project’s concrete preparation and polishing.

Such a high quality residential project demanded an excellent finish on the building’s concrete slabs, to allow seamless installation of luxury fittings and flooring.

To ensure a smooth, even surface, contractors turned to All Preparation Equipment for advice and support, not only on grits, bonds and resin pads, but also the ins-and-outs of concrete preparation, grouting and densifying.

Grinding concrete slabs down to size

Concrete preparation with the Schwamborn DSM250

At All Preparation Equipment, we often say that no two concrete slabs are the same. They’ll often differ in terms of strength, MPa (compressive strength), and other variables, all of which will have a big effect on the type of diamond tooling and floor grinding machine that will work best. That’s why every job can benefit from our expert advice and specialist concrete preparation equipment.

When concrete is supplied to a construction site, it can vary in hardness, curing and finishing time, or by being poured in two stages. And when concrete slabs are poured fast, or in two stages, it’s common to see unevenness not only across a slab, but also where two concrete slabs meet. That means contractors often need to grind slabs down to achieve a perfectly even finish – quickly and efficiently.
The Pinnacle Apartments contractors turned to All Preparation Equipment for a solution – and we didn’t hesitate to recommend the Schwamborn DSM430 concrete grinder. With its single phase 240 Volt/10amp power, it was ideally suited to the job.

Fast, efficient concrete preparation with the planetary Schwamborn DSM430

The Schwamborn DSM250 concrete floor grinder in action

With its larger grinding surface, the planetary Schwamborn DSM430 floor grinder brings more surface area to bear, along with a flatter distribution of grinding pressure. The result is a much better finish which is also accomplished more quickly than with other concrete grinders.

Compact and easy to use, the Schwamborn DSM430 concrete grinder is one of our most popular floor grinders, whether you need it for stripping, scarifying, grinding or polishing, for projects up to a medium sized commercial/industrial floor.

Of course, while the large 430mm working width is ideal for flying through open areas, there were still smaller, narrower spaces that needed attention. All Preparation Equipment supplied the Schwamborn DSM250 floor grinder to take care of these areas, reaching into tight spots and right up to the edges of the slab for a consistently even finish. Its swivel head and adjustable flap make edge grinding and finishing as easy as can be.

Diamond shoes are a grinder’s best friend

Knock-on diamond tooling keeps downtime to a minimumAnother great benefit of Schwamborn grinders is their knock-on Diamond Tool Exchange. This clever feature gives you fast changeover of diamond tooling and keeps downtime to a minimum. The extra-large diamond matrix makes for very long lasting consumables – not to mention added productivity!

The Pinnacle Apartment contractors began with an aggressive 20/30 grit shoe to quickly grind away the excess concrete, before switching to a 40/60 grit knock-on shoe for a smooth, even finish.

Schwamborn concrete grinders and knock-on diamond tooling proved to be a winning combination for the Pinnacle Apartment project – and they could be the ideal solution for your next concrete preparation job too!

For a package that can grind any concrete preparation project down to size, contact the friendly All Preparation Equipment team today on 1800 422 992 or get in touch online now.