Dustcontrol since 1972, with concrete vacuums and air purifiers

Dust control & dust extraction

14 Apr 2018

Dustcontrol since 1972, with concrete vacuums and air purifiers

Being a leading importer of quality equipment and tooling, All Preparation Equipment has partnered with the reliable and trusted, Dustcontrol. 

In 1972, Swedish company Dustcontrol AB began the production of a range of specialist dust extraction vacuums designed to capture dust at source and thereby protect construction workers from the health risks associated with dust. Since then Dustcontrol AB has developed an innovative
range of high-quality dust extraction systems that have earnt a worldwide reputation for reliability, ruggedness and simple eff efftiveness.

As well as addressing the health and safety issues associated with dust, and in particular the risk of Silicosis, Dustcontrol extraction systems greatly improve on-site productivity by creating cleaner, safer and more profi table working conditions for every trade on every site.

Since 1972 Dustcontrol have been providing the hire industry around the world with a wide range of specialist dust extraction vacuums, air cleaners and extraction guards for virtually every construction application imaginable and are now the preferred supplier for hire companies throughout the world.

We don’t just supply tough, hard working tools and equipment from our comprehensively
stocked offices. When you buy Dustcontrol equipment from All Preparation Equipment, you’ll receive the very best in technical advice, training and customer support.

By running Dustcontrol Vacuum systems, air purifiers and dust extraction systems your dust control onsite is effectively maintained.