The only flexible spiked shoes with no buckles, straps or adjustments

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5 Apr 2016

The only flexible spiked shoes with no buckles, straps or adjustments

ShoeIn Flexible spiked coating shoesFlexible Shoe-In Spiked shoes recently stepped into Australia to make the life of every flooring applicator easier. Being a premium spiked shoe they have No buckles, no straps and require no adjustment, and they are the only ones we know of like it. With a simple step of your boot in and out of the shoe you don't need to bend over to make any adjustments !

ShoeIn_Flexible_spiked_shoes   Built with an ability to handle fast turnaround times and hard work these flexible spiked coating application shoes allow you to walk or run through your job effectively without walking on your product while it cures. Keeping you stable during the application process, these Shoe-In Flexible spiked shoes allow you to walk anywhere on site you require. With no left or right foot, both being the same it’s a no brainer to fit them on site, you literally just walk in and away you go.

The super sharp spikes on the bottom of these shoes means that you can walk across your floor while it is still drying or curing without causing any foot or boot marks, so there is no mistakes to clean up afterwards. Use on any application involving floor preparation or leveling including,

  • Installing epoxy floor coatings
  • Installing concrete screed floors or decorative overlays
  • Industrial flooring applications
  • Application and installation of waterproofing membranes
  • While using a spray on coating or adhesive
  • Driveway coating or decorative flake flooring projects

Of all the coating applicators that have purchased them there has not been anyone who has said anything but they are the best spiked shoes they have ever worn. Using the patented ‘Finger Lock’ system the shoes will hold onto the laces of your boots to secure them in place while you work, yet at the same time keeping them easy to remove and change over. Applicators using the Mapei, Ardex, Sika, Construction Chemicals, Bostik and Lanko are using these shoes, along with floor coating applicators applying brands including Parchem, On-Crete, Dulux, ICoat and Epoxy Floor Systems. Talk to our team today about setting up with your new pair of spiked shoes to make you apply your floor coatings and levellers, faster and smarter – not harder.