Getting rid of the nasties. Silica concrete dust and it's harm to you.

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2 May 2018

Getting rid of the nasties. Silica concrete dust and it's harm to you.

All Preparation Equipment has been working closely with contractors, builders and site projects to change the way we look at concrete dust. It’s a growing issue; silica dust. It’s everywhere. and It needs controlling.

As Dustcontrol AB says’ ”the hazard is what you cannot see.”


Dustcontrol supplies mobile machines and stationary extraction systems to help industrial companies in Sweden and abroad achieve cleaner and more efficient production, as well as improved product quality. By extracting dust and other pollutants Dustcontrol also creates cleaner working environments.

Our product range comprises mobile vacuum cleaners for industrial and construction usages, fixed extraction installations, peripheral equipment and accessories. Dustcontrol supplies a complete range of products and accessories for large and small companies in all kinds of sectors.

However, not only do we stock excellent products, we also provide expert answers to the question: how can you capture and extract different kinds of particles and pollutants in the best possible way for your business?

We have many years of experience, and our customer base includes both major multinationals and smaller local companies.


Particles smaller than 5 thousandths of a millimetre, known as respirable dust, are invisible to the naked eye and penetrate into the deepest parts of the pulmonary system where the air moves very slowly. This makes it difficult to exhale the smallest particles. The foreign dust particles that get lodged in the lung are wrapped in nodes of connective tissue – which is the lungs’ way of protecting themselves.

In time this leads to pneumoconiosis or COPD, which stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Some types of particles, such as quartz and asbestos dust, cannot be broken down by the body and are sharp, which is why they go on causing damage even after they have become lodged in the lungs.

The best protection is achieved if the dust is removed at source and never allowed to reach the air. Dustcontrol has developed suction casings for most handheld and stationary machines, and often also produces tailor-made suction casings.

Dustcontrol helps to ensure a cleaner – and thus a safer and more efficient – production environment by extracting dust and particles and transporting the material to wherever you want.


Dustcontrol was founded in 1972 on the basis of an idea for creating extraction systems to capture dust and other pollutants at source. Today, Dustcontrol has developed into an international industrial player that supplies tailor-made solutions to help other companies create cleaner production environments. Cleaner production increases efficiency and product quality, as well as improving the working environment.

Dustcontrol supplies solutions that can be applied in a wide range of sectors. For example, we supply advanced clean room solutions for the pharmaceutical and electronics industries, mobile dust extractors of all sizes for construction and rental companies, clean production workplaces for the automotive industry, and vacuum cleaning installations for major printing works.


 You can safely trust in Dustcontrol. Our sales organisation consists of experienced technicians with specialist skills within their particular areas of expertise. If you need a mobile solution, we will come to your premises and show you how it works on site. If you need a stationary installation, we can prepare and dimension the entire system to fully match your needs.

We can also take care of installation, final connections, document management and planning a service and maintenance schedule.

Dustcontrol AB works ceaselessly to improve accessibility, service and technological support. In addition to taking responsibility for deliveries and installation, our project managers also help to train the personnel who are to work with our products and systems. In most countries, we have our own teams of qualified fitters with in-depth knowledge of our products.

*Article above courtesy of Dustcontrol AB Marketing team.


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