Grinding doesn’t have to be a grind!

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15 Dec 2016

Grinding doesn’t have to be a grind!

A Three phase remote controlled concrete floor grinder in use on an outdoor worksiteWatch it work. With a focus on making your tough jobs easy the Schwamborn DSM800RC Remote Controlled Grinder helps take the strain, the pressure and the effort out of your grinding projects. Schwamborn German built machines have been built to a standard to outperform in floor preparation.



The leader in the field of floor prep

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Schwamborn Grinders boast the ability to change diamonds according to the intensity of the floor at hand. From grinding off thick glues, adhesives or membranes and coatings (up to 13mm in a single pass), to levelling, polishing and preparing stone, concrete, and terrazzo floors your new Schwamborn Remote Controlled Grinder keeps you a step ahead of the rest.

Automatically moving forward, left or right you can set the grinder to grind in any direction you require without having to touch it. These controls ensure you get a uniform grinding finish on every project.

Automatic trim control for straight forward grinding and the Remote shows the tool and movement speed at any time.


Effortless grinding
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Keeping you ahead of your competitors the DSM800RC Schwamborn Grinder has impressive production rates and puts other machines in the shade. The transport guiding wheel and micro control when grinding to the edge keeps the machine capable of any floor.

Unloading and loading a remote controlled grinder has never been easier with a battery drive. Auto battery charging during working conditions ensures reliability.

Display with power indications give optimum diamond selection and grinding performance.



We love to demo

It's your turn to see really how this machine works. Our site guys spend hours on different floor preparation and grinding projects to help ensure contractors know exactly what they are purchasing will work the way they need it to. One of our  Schwamborn DSM800RC Concrete Floor Grinders can pay a visit to your site and show off how impressive it's performance can be. Drop a line to or call 1800 422 992 to arrange a site visit or demo of this impressive Remote Controlled - Concrete Floor Grinder.