Grinding with speed and efficiency with Schwamborn Knockon diamond grinding shoes

Concrete floor grinding

21 Feb 2018

Grinding with speed and efficiency with Schwamborn Knockon diamond grinding shoes

Knock on diamond shoe

No two floor levelling or grinding jobs are the same which is why more and more we’re seeing contractors setup with equipment like the Schwamborn DSM250.  A 250mm Concrete Floor Grinder with the ability to grind along edges, dust free when connected to a reliable concrete vacuum.

250mm stand up concrete grinder machineWorking in a fixed speed, the DSM250 has the ability to rotate the head of the machine to left or right depending on the grind. With other features including adjustable handle, height and balance from above the head, a lifting handle and easy tool diamond change system this German Built Schwamborn Grinder is helping prepare concrete floors easier.

Seeing a lot of stores, subbies and layers setup with this machine, All Preparation Equipment has provided some further info on Schwamborn as a company and there ongoing commitment to the industry to make TOUGH JOBS EASY.

Having the ability to change diamonds from the aggressive PCD, or 16 / 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 150 Diamond Grinding Shoe, Velcro holders for Sanding and Resin bond polishing pads the Schwamborn diamond tooling system is an easy knock on, knock off place making the transition from one diamond to another a quick and easy move.

Onsite every contractor comes across a range of adhesives, thick glues, floor levelling compounds, concrete high spots tile beddings, drains and prep for timber, carpet, vinyl and tiles making it essential that you have access to a good range of diamonds to meet whatever project comes to hand.