How to Properly Polish a Concrete Floor

22 Jun 2020

How to Properly Polish a Concrete Floor

If your concrete floors are looking a little worn or dated, a good polish can restore it to its original look and make it look its best.

And it’s not just for looks, either. Polishing can also protect your floor’s finish and maintain its durability, extending its service life and helping it last longer.

Here’s a simple guide for how to properly polish a concrete floor:

What You’ll Need 


  1. Clean the surface.

    The first step is to clean your concrete floor to remove any dirt or debris. Sweep the floor to collect loose dirt, then use a vacuum machine over the entire surface to remove finer debris left behind.

  2. Prepare the floor for polishing.

    Use a concrete grinder to remove any coatings (e.g. paint) and grind down the surface to your desired level of exposure. Doing this will also remove any unevenness or imperfections on the surface of your concrete floor.

  3. Fill out any cracks or gaps.

    Assess your floors and look for any cracks or gaps. Fill these cracks or gaps with a cement-based filler or an epoxy hardener to solidify the surface and make it more even. Let the filler or hardener cure fully.

  4. Polish to the finish you want.

    Once your hardeners or fillers have cured, you can proceed to polish the surface with several types of concrete polishing pads. Start with coarser grits and proceed gradually to finer grits until you reach the level of sheen you want. This process will vary depending on the finish that you want your concrete floor to have. Here is a more detailed guide on how to polish concrete, depending on the type of your concrete floor.

  5. Clean the floor.

    Use a vacuum machine to remove all the excess dust and debris after polishing. Wipe down the entire surface with a dry cloth for a final clean.

  6. Apply a sealer/sealant.

    After achieving your desired level of sheen and cleaning the surface, you can apply a coat of sealer to help protect your concrete floor. This will also make it more resistant to liquids and spills. Give your sealer and/or sealant enough time to dry after its application before putting any load or weight on it.


And there you have it! You now should have a well-polished concrete floor that should look good as new.

Need the right tools for polishing your concrete floor?

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